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Stem & Glory to Become First Carbon Negative Restaurant by the End of 2021

Award-winning vegan restaurant Stem & Glory has launched a pledge to become carbon negative by the end of the year. Following participation in the London Mayor’s ‘Better Futures+ Programme - a programme funded by the Mayor's office to assist businesses in getting to net zero by 2030 - Stem & Glory has decided more urgent action is needed, and brought forward its pledge to the end of this year (2021). The Better Futures+ programme was delivered by West London Business,...

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Latest Transport News

British Engineers Reveal Groundbreaking Electric Uncrewed Concept Vehicle

BAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics have announced plans to explore the development of an all-electric ‘heavy lift’ uncrewed air system (UAS) vehicle as a potential new solution to deliver cost-effective, sustainable rapid response capability to military, security and civilian customers. The all-electric powered uncrewed concept vehicle will be designed with a top speed of 140 kilometres per hour and the ability to carry a class-leading 300kg payload with a range of 30 kilometres. The cutting-edge technology could be used for...

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Latest Construction & Infrastructure News

IET Is Launching the IET Bookshelf for the Engineering Community

As part of the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) mission to inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community, it is launching The IET Bookshelf – a virtual STEM book club directing people to compelling and thought-provoking reads. The IET Bookshelf will launch this month with a new author and book featuring every six weeks. Running as a YouTube series, the IET will be chatting to authors about their books with each episode ending with a live Q&A session...

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Latest Healthcare News

5 Factors to Consider When Leasing Medical Equipment

The global healthcare equipment leasing market was estimated at $40.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $59.8 billion by 2027. Leasing offers a quick and cheap way for medical facilities to acquire the equipment they need without losing cash flow, making healthcare affordable. It allows them to keep up with changing technology to offer high-end, more efficient, and reliable medical services. Here are some factors to consider when leasing medical equipment. 1. Availability of technical expertise A medical...

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Latest Technology News

BAE Systems Acquires In-Space Missions as Part of Its Strategy

BAE Systems has acquired In-Space Missions, a UK company that designs, builds and operates satellites and satellite systems. The acquisition will combine BAE Systems’ experience in highly secure satellite communications with In-Space Missions’ full lifecycle satellite capability, to make a compelling sovereign UK space offer. “This acquisition is a great vote of confidence in our thriving space sector. By bringing on board the expertise of In-Space Missions, BAE Systems will help to expand the UK’s capabilities in low earth orbit...

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Latest Manufacturing News

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Battery-free, Wireless Sensors Surpass Data Gathering Limitations

While digital technology promised a new generation of data and insight, Industry 4.0 is proving harder than it should be. But why? Wait times for installation, infrequent data reporting and limitations on monitoring are becoming obstacles. At face value they are unrelated yet getting to the root of these challenges they all stem from a sensor’s energy source. Most sensors used for monitoring machines are either powered by batteries or wired into existing infrastructure. The problem with battery-operated sensors is...

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Latest Consumer Goods News

Wrights Food Group is Fuelling an Ultra-Trail Snowdonia Runner with Pies

Specialist foodservice and retail food manufacturer and supplier Wrights Food Group is fuelling one man’s personal and emotive challenge with a stash of its chicken balti pies. HGV driver Will Mather (35) from Glossop is no stranger to clocking up the miles but on Friday 10 September, his feet will do the travelling as he takes on the Ultra Trails Snowdonia challenge and scale more than 33,000ft and 165k (102 miles) in around 40 hours to raise funds for the...

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