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Latest Sustainability News

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New Green Manufacturing Agenda Mean the MACH Exhibition is Poised to be the Go To Event in 2022

Heading into 2022, the UK’s manufacturing and engineering community have every reason to be confident. Government forecasts suggest UK growth of 6.0% while the incentive of 130% capital allowances are in place on qualifying plant and machinery investments. Add in the COP26 global summit focussing attention on the importance of tackling climate change and 2022 is set to be a momentous year. There has therefore never been a better time for visitors to attend MACH and the new Engineering Supply...

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Latest Transport News

Pulsar Fusion’s Green Hybrid Rocket Showcased in Switzerland

British company Pulsar Fusion demonstrated its latest green hybrid rocket engine in the sleepy mountain town of Gstaad in Switzerland. An impressive visual plume effect of supersonic shock diamonds, typical of a high temperature high mass flow rate rocket exhaust, could be seen through the snowstorm as the team operated the engine in quickly changing conditions. The exhaust speeds of the engine were recorded at Mach 7. This engine would be capable of launching a small rocket to an altitude...

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Latest Construction & Infrastructure News

Welding Student’s Fighting Chance in National Finals

A Yorkshire laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication firm have helped give a local student a fighting chance as she competed in the national welding finals of the WorldSkills UK competition. Wakefield College’s Yasmin Whale beat off stiff competition from some 400 applicants to become one of ten apprentices and students invited to take part in the finals of the welding category. Welding is one of 64 disciplines that make up WorldSkills UK, competition-based development programmes designed by industry experts...

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Latest Healthcare News

Biotium Expands Multiplexing Options for Probe-Based qPCR

Biotium, a leading life science reagent supplier and inventor of the widely used EvaGreen® qPCR Dye, announces the release of EvaRuby™ Dye for qPCR and HRM®. This spectrally unique red fluorescent intercalating dye can be incorporated into probe-based qPCR assays, expanding multiplexing options for probe-based qPCR. EvaRuby™ Dye is compatible with ~470 nm excitation and ~610 nm emission filters. While a variety of DNA binding dyes with different fluorescence emission properties have been published for use in qPCR and HRM®,...

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Latest Technology News

MicroWire Becomes the Smallest, Passive Sensor in the World

RVmagnetics introduces the future of wireless measuring with their smallest passive sensor in the world, called MicroWire. With no contact required - this sensor measures pressure, temperature, magnetic field directly and torsion, stress, bending, flow, etc. indirectly. It is thin, elastic, and as miniature as it gets.  The initial added value from the solution is the possibility to replace multiple sensor interfaces with one, while also receiving real-time physical data from otherwise inaccessible locations. The boost in the fields of...

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Latest Manufacturing News

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Understanding Options on Metal Laser Marking Platforms

Although both flat-bed and galvo-based laser systems are commonly used for marking applications, it is important to understand the differences between these two technologies. As the name suggests, flat-bed systems operate in the X and Y plane with the laser beam being deflected across mirrors into the focusing lens and from there vertically onto the workpiece. Alternatively In galvo-systems, the laser beam is manipulated using mirrors mounted to two galvanometer scanners, one for the x axis and another for the...

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Latest Consumer Goods News

The Key Differences Between DTC and Retail

The world of commerce has totally transformed over the past few decades, and there have never been more channels to reach customers with your products. With the rise of digital consumers, direct-to-consumer sales (DTC) are fast becoming a powerhouse e-commerce channel. However, the traditional retail channel continues to present significant advantages for producers and manufacturers too, offering unparalleled consumer reach and greater efficiency. Read on to learn how these sales channels differ so that you can leverage them in a...

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