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Time to Investigate Bats – With No Hanging Around

Bats species, and their breeding sites and resting places, are protected by law across the UK and Europe, so if you’re planning to do any works you need to find out what species and how many bats are around before you start doing anything else. It’s legally required to make sure bats aren’t impacted by any new development work, whether it’s explicitly stated in your planning consent or not, so you’ll need to get a bat survey carried out. Planning...

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Latest Transport News

Railway MGVs Support Maintenance Operations

Just because it’s made for the Rail industry doesn’t necessarily mean it has to run on rails. Manually guided vehicles as well as automatically guided vehicles are often found moving between tracks in order to move parts and product from one destination to the next. Of course, when paired with a maintenance system like a drop table or split-rail system, MGVs do run along a track under the locomotive or bogie in order to assist in truck and wheel servicing....

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Latest Construction & Infrastructure News

Edwin James Group Expands Apprenticeship Scheme

Edwin James Group is launching a programme to expand its apprenticeship scheme from 10 to 15 per cent of the total workforce over the next two years. The move marks National Apprenticeship Week and forms part of the company’s ambitious growth plans. The company’s chief executive Derek Smith started his career as an apprentice and believes the scheme is vital to the future of the business, and to developing the next generation of management talent. Mr Smith said: “We are...

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Latest Healthcare News

Waivlength Launches First Microwave-Sterilisable Respirator Mask in the UK – Providing Superior FFP2 Protection at a Fraction of the Cost

Med-tech provider launches its innovative and affordable answer to the COVID-19 face mask dilemma. Med-tech provider WaivLength has launched the first microwave-sterilisable respirator mask in the UK with accompanying low-cost replaceable FFP2 filters. At the core of the unique mask design is the proven technology of medical silicone, which has efficient antimicrobial properties and a high thermal resistance level — enabling the use of heat to eliminate bacteria and viruses from its surfaces. Combined with lightweight, easily replaceable FFP2-rated filters,...

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Latest Technology News

A Wake-Up Call: The Quantum Threat to Manufacturers

Dr Ali El Kaafarani explains the devastating cybersecurity threat posed by quantum computers. Quantum computing attracts a lot of buzz - and rightly so. The arrival of full-scale quantum computers will see positive transformation across various industries, including manufacturing and engineering, thanks to their incredible processing power. However, despite their enormous potential, the scary reality is that these super powerful machines also pose a significant security threat. Quantum computers will easily be able to break the public-key encryption widely relied...

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Latest Manufacturing News

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Securing Information for The Quantum Era: Post-Quantum Cryptography

Dr Ali El Kaafarani, University of Oxford mathematician and founder of PQShield, explains how a new generation of cryptography will future-proof information security for the quantum era. With some experts predicting that quantum computers will arrive within a decade, engineers around the world are racing to prepare for the security threat these super powerful machines will inevitably pose. Quantum computers will easily be able to crack today’s public-key encryption methods, meaning the race is on to develop, standardise and deploy...

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Latest Consumer Goods News

Increased Production Time with New CIP Set for UK Producer of Cathedral City Cheese

Sycamore Process Engineering is delighted to announce it has completed a major upgrade project at Saputo, Davidstow, to install their largest CIP set to date. A system which allows the cheese maker a significantly reduced window for cleaning and additional flexibility on CIP cycles, giving an increase in production time. Prior to the installation of the new CIP set, the team at Saputo completed a circa five-to-six-hour CIP turnaround ahead of their normal production window. The new multi-tank, multi-channel system...

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