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Latest Sustainability News

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The Vita Group Is Investing in Sustainability and Circular Economy Products

Europe’s leading flexible foam solutions provider, The Vita Group, is renowned for its long-history of innovation in sustainability and investing in circular economy products. Manufacturing industry-leading products from 100% recycled polyurethane (PU) foam for over 50 years, and recycles and re-bonds over 30,000T of its own and its customer’s process trim each year into a range of products such as carpet underlay, foam shock pad for artificial sports pitches, green roof spaces, and underlay for children’s playgrounds. As a result...

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Latest Transport News

Empteezy Manufacturing to Secure Lithium-Ion Batteries for Vehicles

Lithium-ion batteries have become highly popular due to their large storage capacity as an energy source. In more recent times, their capabilities have made them ideal for use with fully electric and hybrid petrol/electric vehicles. Governments worldwide are putting forward their goals to be more electric vehicle focused while pressuring car manufacturers to adapt to this. For car manufacturers specifically, it’s perhaps a newer experience dealing with these batteries however it’s incredibly important to be able to handle and store...

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Latest Construction & Infrastructure News

A Guide To Tungsten Electrodes

When it comes to TIG welding, there’s a lot to know, from what TIG welding machine to use which we have covered in a previous Engweld guide, to learning about creating smooth weld seams, clean welding joints and using high-quality materials.  It’s important to remember that choosing the right tungsten electrode for TIG welding is equally as important as getting the right contact tip for MIG welding.  At Engweld we offer a range of TIG welding electrodes and each is...

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Latest Healthcare News

Biotechnology Company Signs New Lease Agreement

Oxford BioDynamics, the biotechnology company, has signed a lease agreement on a new laboratory and office space at Oxford Business Park, which will "significantly expand" its facilities in the UK. The business is developing precision medicine tests for personalised healthcare based on the EpiSwitch 3D genomics platform. Its new 24,000 sq ft premises will house the growing Oxford BioDynamics UK infrastructure and will also allow the company to operate independent processing lines for commercial test development and product support, biomarker...

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Latest Technology News

Wildanet Rolls Out New Broadband Network Across the UK

Wildanet, a Cornish broadband provider,  has started work on the £50 million roll out of its new broadband network across the county. The new hyperfast network is set to transform connectivity for hard to reach areas of Cornwall. The first communities to benefit will be in Wildanet’s hometown of Liskeard and the surrounding rural areas within the PL14 postcode, with about 6,000 premises expected to be able to receive the new service. Work is already underway and is expected to...

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Latest Manufacturing News

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New Online MRP Evaluation Events Now Include Free MRP Implementation Paperback

123 Insight Limited have announced a series of new dates for its free online INFO Exchange events between April and August 2021, aimed at companies considering implementing MRP for the first time or replacing an existing system. Attendees will also be sent a free paperback copy of ‘How to implement a manufacturing system’, detailing the best practices and pitfalls associated with implementing MRP. The online events run for 90 minutes, allowing companies to see the 123insight system and understand what...

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Latest Consumer Goods News

UXUS Collaborates with Leading Food Brand Dr. Oetker

Leading global hospitality and retail design agency UXUS has collaborated with international food producer and home baking brand Dr. Oetker, to transform pudding for the next generation. Pudu Pudu, an imaginative new pudding concept, which opened its doors on the 21st March 2021 on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Los Angeles. Dr. Oetker, a German master pudding maker, believes in bringing people together. Since 1891, his creative imagination gave friends and families new ways to share memorable moments together. Today, his spirit...

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