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Enhanced Safety for Commercial Solar Systems

By: Meir Adest, Chief Information Officer and Founder of SolarEdge  Improved economics, governmental incentives, and increased awareness of solar energy as a viable alternative to grid power are leading more companies to go solar. With the potential to benefit businesses large and small, smart energy solutions are cropping up on unused rooftops of shopping centres, manufacturing plants, airports, schools, and hospitals. Much of the attraction is economic, especially in an environment of rising electricity consumption and costs. Its investment typically...

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Latest Transport News

Start-up Page-Roberts Reveals EV Design Capable of 30% Longer Range

Automotive innovation start-up Page-Roberts has revealed a patented design concept for an electric vehicle capable of travelling up to 30% further than current EVs on the market. Until now, EV manufacturers have placed car batteries under the floor as a convenient way to package sufficient battery energy for an acceptable range. The drawbacks of this arrangement are the added height, increased weight and body structural complexities, along with an often-extended wheelbase. The Page-Roberts innovation positions the battery between the front...

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Latest Construction & Infrastructure News

DCU and Bentley Systems to Create Ireland’s First Higher Education Digital Campus

Dublin City University and the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics at DCU have announced an exciting new research partnership with global software engineering firm Bentley Systems to build Ireland’s first higher education digital campus. The collaboration will involve the creation of a digital twin, which will be a complete 3D version of DCU’s campuses and a part of the Smart DCU Project. It will incorporate real-time data, gathered from IoT sensors (Internet of Things) on footfall, congestion points,...

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Latest Healthcare News

KnowNow In Big Drive to Help Keep Manufacturers Open

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, companies are ready to rekindle the collaboration, productivity and creative spark that comes from working face-to-face. But employees aren’t so sure.  Recent survey results published in HR Magazine reveal that more than half (57.9%) of UK staff are afraid to return to work due to COVID-19 safety concerns. As the economy reopens, companies need to go the extra mile to earn employee trust. Frequent, quick and pain-free testing can fill the confidence gap and fast-track the...

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Latest Technology News

The Smart Factory Monitor Designed for Engineers with DCO Systems

Smart Factory technology isn’t always straightforward. The market is saturated with sleek digital transformation gadgets, all packed with promises and guarantees. As a result, engineers have struggled to find exactly what they need for modernising legacy equipment, grappled with misaligned technology systems already in place, and experienced digital transformation fatigue. DCO Systems have pushed aside the clutter and asked engineers what they really need. There are three requirements that continually surfaced in discussions. As a result, DCO have created a wireless Smart Factory monitor that...

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Latest Manufacturing News

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Why is Quality Management So Important for Manufacturing and Engineering?

Quality and consistency have always been benchmarks of good business in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, but after the turmoil brought by COVID-19 they have become even more crucial. COVID-19 brought widespread disruption – and the manufacturing and engineering sectors were not immune. Many businesses within these sectors had to temporarily down tools; at the height of lockdown, the Engineering Insights Dashboard from Engineering UK revealed that nearly a quarter (24%) of engineering businesses paused their work. This means that...

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Latest Consumer Goods News

Heinz Ketchup Facility in Wigan to Create up to 50 Jobs

Kraft Heinz is intending to plough £140m into its Kitt Green facility - with tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and salad cream being made at the Wigan plant once more. The company says this would be its biggest investment in two decades in one of its existing plants outside the United States and could also bring up to 50 new jobs to Wigan. As part of the investment the iconic Heinz sauce manufacturing of products such as tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and salad...

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