R&M to Participate in 2017 FTTH Conference

R&M to Participate in 2017 FTTH Conference

Global Swiss giant R&M will be taking part in the largest FTTH-related event in the world at the 2017 FTTH Conference in France from February 14th to 16th, as the company will be hosting a digitalisation session and an introduction to the new Polaris Box 6.

R&M is a highly reputed developer and supplier of cabling systems for high-end network infrastructures, and the event which has been organised by the FTTH Council Europe gives the business the perfect opportunity to showcase the new and innovative product, which incorporates elements of virtual reality.

The Polaris Box 6 highlights the end of R&M’s product and solution offering for single and multi-dwelling units, and the multifunctional product will be introduced at Booth G19 at the event in Marseille, in accordance with IP54 and 65-protection class for indoor and outdoor fibre optic termination requirements.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the virtual reality elements of the Polaris Box 6, as these features will be available in a playful nature within the virtual reality game entitled ‘Installers vs. Weather Disasters’, which is sure to be a popular hit at the 2017 FTTH Conference.

Tobias Munzer, who is the Market Manager for Public Networks at R&M, will speak in Marseille on 15th February about communication entering the digitalisation era and how it is influencing and changing people’s behaviours. He will also address the challenges that communication infrastructure faces in regards to its availability, capacity and data.

A big name such as R&M is likely to attract plenty of visitors in February, in what is a major coup for the FTTH Council Europe. The theme of the conference this year is ‘Together, building a brighter future’, and R&M will certainly be doing its bit to stick by that theme when the team take to the booth!

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