A Star Is Born: the TTL Series

A Star Is Born: the TTL Series

A Star Is Born: the TTL Series : We’ve done it again. Not long ago we decided that large lathes could become one more member of CMZ’s family of products. And so it happened, under the slogan “big does not mean slow”, the first CMZ lathes dedicated to machining large scale parts saw the light of day. Now, we are expanding our range of multi-turret machines. A star has been born: the TTL: Series. Now on sale.

The TX will never be alone again

Our TX Series offers customers lathes with 2 or 3 turrets. Machines designed for those who want to reach the highest level of productivity without losing a single speck of precision. These lathes have a Y axis on all of the turrets, and a servo parts catcher that allows for the extraction of parts from both headstocks. Customers such as Metrol Springs, a manufacturer of gas springs, tell wonderful things about them. In their case, they reduced their machining time by 50% per part. Amazing, isn’t it?

The TTL Series, shining with its own light

A star is born. We can’t think of a better way to announce the arrival on the market of the jewel in our crown. The TTL is the result of years of research and development by our team of design engineers. It is a lathe designed for high production and precision turning. Every little piece of it has been studied and designed in detail. It is here to stay, and it will complete the CMZ’s range of multiturret machines.

There are multiple competitive advantages that bring added value to this machine. It is difficult to choose one, but, without a doubt, one thing that has been highly valued by the first customers who have ventured to try it is that, while similar machines from other competitors have belts on the spindles and/or X and Y axes, the TTL doesn’t have any belts.

High production and precision turning.

The multi-turret lathes of the TTL Series can be used in very diverse production processes, but the production of bolts, shafts and screws and bar turning are their strong points. It is in precision turning that the TTL really brings out its big guns.

On top of that, it must be considered that its field of action is not limited to bar turning, since there is the possibility of incorporating one of our gantry systems into the lathe, with automated parts storage.

Unique launch promotion

The TTL Series is unprecedented, it is the first time we have made something like this. It is a very special machine, manufactured with great attention to every detail, the evolution of our multi-turret machines. It is a historic occasion, and because  of that, we are preparing to go all out for the launch. It is a unique occasion to acquire a multi-turret lathe with some very special conditions. We have worked hard for months in order to have some units in stock for immediate delivery. Best of all is that, in addition to that, we can offer them at a very competitive launch price.

With our campaign “a star is born”, you can configure a TTL for yourself, and receive a made-to-measure offer with our online calculator.

Don’t miss this unique offer, it won’t happen again, and it will be valid for a very limited time only.

A star is born. New TTL. Now on sale. Don’t miss

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