Axil have proudly been working in partnership with Cummins and delivering Total Waste Management

Axil Contract Management

Axil have proudly been working in partnership with Cummins and delivering Total Waste Management solutions across their estate for over 7 years. During this time, we have increased the number of sites we initially serviced from one to now over ten locations across the UK. Throughout the duration of the contract, Axil have supported Cummins by providing Axil deployed waste handling staff, as well as gritting and maintenance teams, and exceptional on-site waste management services which saw Cummins achieve zero to landfill within six months.

We pride ourselves on tailoring the service we deliver to meet customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations. We appreciate that whilst we can provide proven solutions to waste challenges that our clients may face, there isn’t a singular waste management strategy that is applicable to all customers, and the requirements of their business, therefore flexibility is key. We work with our customers to develop strong partnerships and aim to embed ourselves within our client’s business effectively.

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Cummins benefit from a dedicated Contract Manager whose primary focus is solely on delivering the customer’s targets and aspirations to meet their Environmental and ESG goals as well as delivering long-term and sustainable cost benefits. To ensure the contract managers can concentrate on these areas, any site staff are managed by our operations team and a site manager at the largest site. Our service delivery team based at our Corby head office support our Contract Management team and they are a great asset to Axil. Their role is to manage the day-to-day service bookings that they receive by phone or email from the customer, and or, our Contract Management team. Delegating these tasks to the service delivery team allows our Contract Managers more time to concentrate on creating and delivering high-quality innovations. Moreover, our team of Contract Managers are given considerably smaller customer portfolios than the industry standard, to allow time for them to understand and cater to their client’s individual waste management needs.

Axil’s approach to Contract Management is to re-engineer waste solutions to provide more efficient on-site waste handling methods. When we first assess a challenge, we ask lots of questions… What is the process that produces the waste? Where is the source of the waste on-site? Can the volume be reduced either by process or via technology? Can we move or store the waste more efficiently? Can the waste be physically managed to turn it into a product that has a market value as opposed to a cost? 

These questions drive Axil and its Contract Managers to consistently look for improvements across our customer sites. We effectively monitor any continuous improvement ideas and our Contract Managers working alongside our customers log them on our initiatives register to ensure all potential improvements are properly managed. 

We often find that our biggest problem is that Axil offers too many initiatives to the customer; they then have the difficult task of narrowing down what they want us to prioritise!   

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