Air Products Extends Contract with Young & Co.’s Brewery

Air Products Extends Contract with Young & Co.’s Brewery

Today Air Products’ announced it has extended its contract with Young & Co.’s Brewery, which will see the company supply its Leisure CryoEase® drinks dispense systems and helium to all 172 of the British pub chain’s outlets following new installations at 32 Geronimo outlets.

Air Products' Leisure CryoEase® drinks dispense system--a simple and convenient alternative to cylinders--helps to displace oxygen and keeps drinks fresh and carbonated. Fostering innovative thinking through close partnerships between pub companies and their supply chain partners can provide many competitive advantages. Air Products and Young & Co.’s Brewery have worked together for over 15 years; during that time they have taken a proactive approach to drinks dispense and used fresh thinking to unlock further improvements in areas such as efficiency.

Through Air Products’ CryoEase® service, this latest agreement will see all Young & Co.’s network of pubs benefit from the modern concept of Microbulk drinks dispense gases. This system provides a simple and convenient alternative to cylinders for customers requiring a continuous supply of high purity gases for beer and soft drinks dispense. In confined pub cellars where space is often a premium, replacing cylinder stocks with a compact gas storage system that has a far smaller footprint can be invaluable.

Pipework from the CryoEase® tank will deliver gas directly to the keg or drinks container in Young’s pubs, where it helps to displace oxygen and keep the drink fresh and carbonated. From here, the drinks product is piped straight to the dispensing tap at the bar to be enjoyed and when gas replenishment is needed, it takes place automatically. This is a great advantage for the Young’s team who can spend more time serving customers rather than changing cylinders in the cellar.

Although achieving efficiencies is key, serving the perfect pint without any risk of cross contamination is of the utmost importance. Young’s have proven that the CryoEase® system, which uses certified gas purity, delivers in this area as well.

Bill Epsley, Commercial Manager at Young & Co.’s Brewery commented: Our long-term experience of bulk-gas systems is that they provide an efficient means of dispense, reduce or eliminate the need to store and manually handle gas cylinders, which makes them popular with our staff. We are therefore pleased to be able to extend the use of these systems to the further benefit of both our customers and our staff.

As part of the contract extension Air Products will also fulfil Young’s & Co.’s helium requirements. The company is the world’s leading commercial helium supplier and will deliver the gas in its ultra-light Balloonium® cylinders, which contain up to 50% more helium than traditional cylinders. This means Young’s will be able to inflate more balloons with one cylinder to decorate their events and promotions.

Noor Ali, Air Products’ Industrial Gases Commercial Manager for the UK & Ireland said, The diversity of our business and the differentiation we can bring – from Dispense gases to helium – can make a real difference to the Leisure industry. We’re pleased to be continuing and expanding our relationship with Young & Co. who value our gases and cutting edge technology, along with our team’s expertise in areas such as Safety legislation.

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