Alex Brothwood Appointed Operations Controller for LIA’s EEE Producer Compliance Scheme, Lumicom

Alex Brothwood Appointed Operations Controller for LIA's EEE Producer Compliance Scheme, Lumicom

Lumicon has recruited Alex Brothwood to work as their new Operations Controller. In his new role, Alex Brothwood will be primarily required to support the operational activities of Lumcim and the Lighting Industry Association’s EEE Producer Compliance Scheme. Alex is an ideal candidate for this position as he has a wealth of experience and understanding of the lighting industry that has been developed over the course of his career within the lighting industry.

Alex Brothwood is joining the team at Lumicom form the LIA Labs. IN this previous role, Alex worked as a Laboratory Engineer. This role has allowed Alex to develop an in depth level of understanding for the lighting industry as well as the range of different and more complex technical requirements. Alex Brothwood also has a range of experience as a project manager, working for ABB in the pars. This experience will assist him in his new role as the Operations Controller and allow him to support Lumicom’s plans for continual growth for their customers as well as the lighting industry.

Alex will be working for Lumicon as Operations Controller and will be the central contact for all operations in regards to disposal of WEEE as well as the provision of a cost effective solution that suits the requirements of the client. This assistance that is on offer from Alex Brothwood in his new role includes B2B as well as B2C operations such as non-street light collections and producing more support to contractors working on the sites of retail swap outs and collections in environments where location and access could have restrictions in place.

Alex will also be working to offer support for third party collections and will make sure that the Lumcon offer a continuous provision of service as well as providing project management support for the retail dnc commercial roll outs that are carried out by Lumicom.

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