Innovion’s New Approach to Delivering World-Class Technical Skills

Innovion’s New Approach to Delivering World-Class Technical Skills

Innovion’s New Approach to Delivering World-Class Technical Skills : Innovion’s New Approach to Delivering World-Class Technical Skills : A new industry partnership has been launched during National Apprenticeship Week to deliver the higher-level skills training needed in engineering and manufacturing to enable the UK to outstrip its global competitors.

Innovion, part of the Seetec Group, aims to address years of decline and raise the status of technical skills to develop the innovative and adaptable workforce required for economic growth.

The skills race is the new global arms race, claims Senior Associate Director of Innovion, Neil Bates, and the UK has fallen significantly behind. More than 60% of engineering businesses say they lack confidence in filling highly-skilled vacancies.

Mr Bates says: “Innovion has been set up to create pathways for young people to enjoy fantastic careers in the engineering and manufacturing sector and to be able to progress through technical education, potentially all the way to a degree apprenticeship.”

“It is our response to demand from employers for a more specialist approach to training their workforce.”

Business leaders from companies including Leonardo and Visteon are already engaging with Innovion, with Siemens’ Brian Holliday the keynote speaker at its launch.

The Innovion model aims to raise the game by:

  • Providing the highest quality professional learning environment – including industry-specific equipment.
  • Employers will have greater control and influence over how training is delivered.
  • Innovion will identify industry specialists to become trainers.
  • Apprentices will be offered membership of an appropriate professional body.
  • Progression routes are integral.

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