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Case Study: Vapormatt and Tunley Engineering

When engaging with training providers, consultants and engineering partners it is important to have a goal in mind.

So, while the majority of Vapormatt’s products are made to order (bespoke) they do offer a consistent range of products companies can purchase from Vapormatt directly.

The goal was to relaunch this base range of products.

The partnership began with selected Vapormatt staff undertaking Tunley Engineering’s NPI (New Product Introduction) Webinar Training course.

One of the key lessons taken away from this was to challenge the current Engineering philosophy. The team at Vapormatt had always championed a client-first problem solving methodology, while this is a good thing and has allowed them to become world leaders in wet blasting technology, it doesn’t always translate across to the creation of a base range of products.

Vapormatt’s next step was to introduce the wider team to the new NPI concepts. Will Beer was tasked with delivering this training a second time because Vapormatt believed an outside point of view can be more effective when presenting new methodologies.

The adoption of a new approach to Minimum Viable Product and the establishment of a multi-department team to represent the needs of the whole business created a new level of unity in the project and the wider business.

With the Engineering team working towards a budget and their progress being reviewed by a team that has stakeholder from each department, Vapormatt have made great progress towards their goal with five new products out to market so far.

While we can’t definitively call this project a success just yet, all signs point fully re-released product range before the end of 2020.

In the meantime, Tunley Engineering’s Will Beer will be working consistently with the wider team at Vapormatt to assist and guide where necessary.

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