Cold Service and George Barker Combined to Form Epta UK

Cold Service and George Barker Combined to Form Epta UK

Cold Service and George Barker combined in order to form Epta UK. Both of the companies were previously well established, but have joined up under the name of Epta UK. Hopefully this merge will mean the company has become a giant within the refrigeration sector. George Barker managed to generate a reputation as a leader within the retail sector of the market while managing to manufacture bespoke refrigeration units for their customers. The acquisition of Cold Service soon followed and Epta now believes that they can offer their customers an all encompassing service which covers efficient refrigeration as well as a high standard of design and the delivery of maintenance and service capacities.

Epta UK also aim to offer the refrigeration market in the UK plant and equipment and asset refurbishment in order to make sure that the business’ customers are using the best possible units to suit their needs.

George Barker and Cold Service has come together in order to make the most of their 60 years experience in the refrigeration industry. Epta is the formal rebranding that has taken place after these two cutting edge companies have combined. Epta UK has released a new logo in recognition of this formal rebranding and the new company also has a new website.

The refrigeration manufacturer intends to continue to offer the highest level of service in order to carry on the good reputations of Cold Service and George Barker under the new name. The company will still be offering turnkey solutions for the refrigeration and air conditioning market. It is thought that Epta UK will be at the cutting edge of the market for designing installing and servicing a range of complex and tailored refrigeration and air conditioning projects. Hopefully the new company will have the same level of success Cold Service and George Barker have experienced in the past.

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