Fabweld Steel Products Has Taken Part in an Engineering Project

Fabweld Steel Products Has Taken Part in an Engineering Project

Fabweld Steel Products has taken part in an engineering project that is located in one of the most famous film festivals. The manufacturer has been working on the engineering project that will see the replacement of access covers for the entrance of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès Cannes. The French Film festival has had the access covers replaced at the entrance of the area.

Fabweld Steel Products has designed and manufactured the new access covers for the project. The work has been given to the manufacturer by ETS Brosio. The work has been commissioned on behalf of the Cannes Waste Water Syndicate. The project has required FAB PAVE™ which are made to blend in to the surrounding surface. The access covers have been designed to include an area for the contractors to get to a heavy duty system of valves that would protect the area from flooding when there is heavy rain.

Fabweld Steel Products had to be designed in a way that would work within the existing framework of the area as well as being able to be used individually as the services underneath the FAB PAVE™ products are accessed on a daily basis.

The access covers have been manufactured from mild steel and have had a hot dip which has galvanized them and protected them from corrosion. The covers also had to be designed in order to tolerate 11.5 Tonne SMWL. In order to develop covers that could withstand this, there was structural steelwork involved to support the covers and make sure that there was clear access for maintenance to be carried out with machinery.

Other specifications of the new products are a gasket seal which should be able to prevent ingress and egress. There is also a hinged safety grille as well as a chain that can be removed that fits between the safety grille and the lid. The work to the area where the Cannes Film Festival takes place has been able to meet all the technical requirements of the area and still has an attractive finish that does not take away from the look of the popular tourist destination.

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