Craig Lea, Maintenance & Facilities Manager at LEVC with Sam Lawes, Business Development Manager at Axil Integrated Services

Firm Behind London’s Famous Black Taxicabs to Work with Waste Management Company Axil

One of the UK’s most specialised total waste management companies has won a major partnership with the firm behind London’s famous black taxicabs.

Axil Integrated Services manages commercial waste for some of the country’s biggest brands and has begun a three-year contract to manage the waste from LEVC’s (London Electric Vehicle Company) new headquarters in Coventry.

The Total Waste Management firm negotiated the contract during lockdown and started working with LEVC this month to help the environmentally conscious company increase its recycling and work towards achieving its zero to landfill ambition.

Grace Oldham, Head of Business Development at Axil said: “We are very proud to have been chosen to deliver waste management services for LEVC at its Coventry base, and excited to be working with them on the next stage of their waste journey. LEVC is a leading global manufacturer and retailer of purpose-built commercial electric vehicles and its new headquarters is 37,000 sqm and produces 20,000 units a year.

“We have exciting plans in place to boost their recycling rates and are looking to remove up to 30% of their general waste tonnage. We are introducing more efficient equipment to segregate waste streams as part of our efforts to help LEVC move towards its ambition of becoming a zero to landfill company.”

Axil will also deliver training to encourage LEVC staff to engage with the new waste initiatives. Axil will help to educate staff about the importance of waste segregation – which is key to achieving the best recycling processes. Improved signage will be installed across the site to help with this objective.

Axil Integrated Services looks after 350 sites across the country, including some household names including Birds Eye, Cummins and Whirlpool.

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