Developments on Bombardier and Boeing Trade Tariff Dispute

Developments on Bombardier and Boeing Trade Tariff Dispute

Last week, the UK Government announced that they would work hard to resolve the unfair tariff that has been placed on Canadian Bombardier, following the dispute that has been raised by the U.S. manufacturing company, Boeing.

On Tuesday it was announced that the British Government would remain focused on resolving the case that has been brought by the U.S. manufacturing Giant, a situation that has been called unjustified by the Government.

The conflict has arisen in relation to the CSeries jetliner programme. The government has said that the Government has been dedicated to securing the future of the CSeries in recent months and will carry on making sure that they do all that is possible in order to ensure that the case brought forward by Boeing is resolves in a swift and efficient manner.

Washington has placed a huge trade tariff of 300% on the Canadian aerospace company, Bombardier after it received state aid. The U.S. aerospace manufacturer Boeing requested action to counteract the aid given to the company by the government, with Bombardier’s CSeries Jets available at a cheaper price that Boeing’s equivalent. Is has been claimed by the U.S. company that the CSeries jet could damage Boeing’s profit levels if allowed to be sold in the U.S.

Boeing has suggested that the subsidies received by Bombardier were illegal and the U.S. commerce department with support of the President Donald Trump reacted by slapping on a massive 300\5 trade tariff. This tariff and loss in sales because of it could lead to the Bombardier plant in Northern Ireland having to cut jobs. The factory in Northern Ireland hires around 4,000 people and the trade tariffs could force cuts in nor lowered or removed. The UK Defence Secretary has suggested that this move by Boeing could jeopardise the manufacturer’s chances of winning British contracts in the future.

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