LEGO Have Teamed up With Engineering Students To Nurture Creative Minds

LEGO Have Teamed up With Engineering Students To Nurture Creative Minds

LEGO have developed a scheme in the hope of helping parents to understand the tangible impact of empowering children to be creative builders. To bring this concept to life LEGO have been matching the power of a child’s imagination with the skills of engineering students from the School of Aeronautical Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic.

The campaign is called: #LegoBuildAmazing and initially began by LEGO asking children to design something that could fly out of LEGO bricks, the result was as imaginative as it could be showing a flying rainbow cloud that dropped sweets. This design was then taken to the students who brought it to life!

The mission of the project is to try and reframe the emphasis of successful building by highlighting different routes of success to children and parents. The campaign allows children to feel successful while remain as imaginative as they wish, for eighty years LEGO have been the building block catalyst of a generations creativity and now they want to nurture that creative concept. By revealing to parents how nurturing a creative mind could unleash a child’s future potential for success, it is hoped new light can be shed on what it means to be builders, designers, engineers and architects and how imagination can aid the next generation to leave their mark on the planet.

#LegoBuildAmazing will soon be taking place in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and The Philippines. For the 50th birthday of Singapore (in 2015) LEGO tasked children with imagining what Singapore would look like in another 50 years, using LEGO bricks of course and these schemes are said to become both more popular and frequent.

LEGO are taking over youngsters creativity more now than ever and slowly but surely these projects could be the keys that unlock the future generation of creative thinkers!

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