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Reactec’s Social Distancing Technology Continues To Play Pivotal Role In Supporting Industry During COVID Restrictions

Following continued COVID restrictions, Edinburgh-based health risk analytics specialists, Reactec, are continuing to support thousands of workers across the country with its innovative SAFE DISTANCE solution to help manage social distancing in the workplace across manufacturing, construction, and rail.

Developed during 2020’s first lockdown, SAFE DISTANCE was repurposed from Reactec’s proven system for monitoring workers’ exposure to hand and arm vibration. The social distancing-friendly product alerts workers if they stray within an unsafe distance of a colleague and informs employers of the frequency and severity of breaches of social distancing protocols. The data collected from the unobtrusive wearable is automatically collected to a GDPR compliant hosted data analytics without the need for any third-party hardware or networks.

Reactec’s clients have been able to use the collected data to support the NHS track and trace program and minimise the impact on their businesses from employees testing positive.

Reactec CEO Jacqui McLaughlin
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Pic Peter Devlin

Jacqui McLaughlin, CEO of Reactec, said: “The pressure on businesses, employers and indeed employees has never been greater with the new variant of the COVID-19 virus and it’s markedly higher transmissibility. With social distancing measures all the more important it is critical for those that continue to operate to do so as safely as possible. Afterall, many of those of working age who are having to continue to work during this time may not get vaccinated until much later this year.

“During the first lockdown, we wanted to play our part in getting everyone back to work safely and with confidence. That’s how our SAFE DISTANCE technology was born. Our engineers repurposed our existing technology which reduces the damage to workers’ health from exposure to vibration, to support social distancing in the workplace.

“Since it’s initial release we have significantly advanced the offering to provide functionality for cohort workers, the ability to have customisable safe-zones, customisable detection settings and traffic like reporting of contact durations aligned to the NHS track and trace reporting.

“Our social distancing tech now supports several hundred companies across the country and offers employees who aren’t able to work from home additional reassurance during this crucial time. Our hope is that our technology can continue to play an important part in helping businesses to continue to keep their doors open as the COVID pandemic continues.”

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