Small Steps for Big Results

Before the global financial crash, the UK’s productivity gains were some of the highest in the G7.  It has since flat lined and UK productivity is now 20% lower than if it had followed the pre-2008 trajectory.

Manufacturers are looking to reverse this trend by investing in digital capabilities and capital equipment to add value to customers and increase business efficiencies.

Make UK will be hosting the Small Steps for Big Results workshop at the National Manufacturing Conference where you can hear from manufacturers disrupting the industries they operate in. Learn how small, medium and large firms across automotive, aerospace and other sectors are bucking the trend and have reduced costs, increased margins and improved lead-times.

This workshop will examine key issues and highlight what companies should be thinking about, doing to prepare themselves and how to look for efficiency improvements that may already be right in front of them.

Join the ‘small Steps for big results’ workshop and learn how to:

  • Respond to customer sustainability demands and turn your waste into revenue streams.
  • Apply augmented reality tools to strip out waste from your manufacturing business
  • Use digital technology to drive productivity gains in manufacturing
  • Invest in relevant technology to improve your business

Hear from our excellent panel speakers including:

  • Erica Purvis, Founder of Technical Nature
  • Mark Sage, Executive Director, The AREA
  • Richard Allbert, former Head of Digital Innovation, Pirelli Deutschland

“Augmented Reality is helping leading manufacturers improve their operational performance.

AR enables companies to increase efficiency by reducing time, minimising errors and lowering costs by presenting timely contextual and relevant information. I’m looking forward explaining how AR is helping companies create significant bottom line changes”

  • Workshop speaker Mark Sage, Executive Director, Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA)

The Small Steps for Big Results workshop at the Make UK National Manufacturing Conference on 25 February 2020, London.

Early bird tickets are available until 31 December 2019, to find out more and to book tickets visit


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