Softworks Introduces Contactless Biometric Fever Recognition Terminal


Softworks, a leading provider of Time, Attendance and Employee Scheduling Software has introduced a new Contactless Fever Recognition Terminal to their clocking range to help keep employees and visitors safe during Covid-19.

Commenting on the introduction of the new contactless fever recognition terminals Robert Doherty- Bigara, Head of Business Development, Softworks UK explained We’ve been helping manufacturers automate employee management tasks such as Time and Attendance and Scheduling for over 30 years and provide a wide range of clocking options to suit their unique environments.”

“Many of our customers were already using biometric technology for Access Control and to record Employee Time and Attendance.” continued Doherty-Bigara. “When Covid-19 hit we began looking at ways we could help them by providing an additional layer of health and safety to this process.”

“With this in mind, we introduced new biometric facial and palm recognition clocks that are contactless and include fever recognition technology.”

“The terminals have a high definition camera for contactless facial and palm recognition, combined with an infrared sensor for real-time temperature detection. Where a normal body temperature is detected, the terminal can allow access based on facial recognition even while wearing a mask. Where an elevated temperature is detected, a real-time alert and reading can be displayed on screen. They can also be used for anonymous thermal scanning and temperature detection of visitors, customers and vendors, keeping your workplace and employees safe and protected.” added Doherty-Bigara.

“We’ve rolled out the new Contactless Fever Recognition Terminals to manufacturing customers in the UK such as; D.S. Smith, Greencell, Liberty Aluminium, Parker Steel, Stelrad and Terex and are in the process of installing many more as employers look to provide a safe and accurate way of controlling building access and recording employee Time and Attendance during the current pandemic and beyond.”

“It’s a challenging time for Manufacturers. They need to keep producing and distributing their products but they also want to take all reasonable precautions to ensure employee safety.” “From the point of view of workforce management they’re adjusting rosters to accommodate for changes in demand, social distancing protocols and employee illness or absence.” “Our Time and Attendance and Scheduling Software helps them manage those changes quickly and easily.” “Now with the added layer of health and safety protection provided by the new terminal, employers can be sure they are doing all in their power to help manage the well-being of their workforce now and into the future”

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