Stoats Open New Manufacturing Facility

Stoats Open New Manufacturing Facility

The leading oats manufacturing company, Stoats have announced that they will be opening a new factory located in the south of Edinburgh. The new facility is being opened by Stoats as a part of a significant expansion plan.

The opening of a new factory will allow the company to increase the manufacturing of their best-selling Stoats porridge oats bars. The company is, at the moment, able to produce more than nine million bars each year and it is thought that this figure will rise each year as consumer demand continues to increase.

Stoats is predicted to reach a £10 million turnover by 2020 and has managed to secure a wide range of listings across the UK. The company has seen particular success this year, through the successful listing with a number of major retailers such as Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. Stoats has also made agreements with the wholesalers Bidfood and Brakes. The new 22,000 sq. ft. facility located at Bilston Glen Industrial Estate is set to become the new headquarters for company and initially 40 staff will be working at the site across the bakery, sales department, marketing and operations. Stoats is consistently working on developing a diverse and multicultural workforce as well as offering an inclusive work environment. The company invests in training skills and development and has been taking on Modern Apprentices as part of their expansion plans. The company is also proud to say that they are a Living Wage employer.

Funding for the new factory has been supported by Midlothian RSA and HSBC Bank. At the new facility, a New Product Development Kitchen will be installed on the site as a part of the move. This kitchen is expected to be open in the spring next year. The company started operations from a family kitchen 12 years ago, so it is great news that Stoats has had such success since then. Opening their own factory is a significant step forward in the business’ expansion and will allow the company to fulfill their more ambitious plans and invest in the development of new products across their existing product categories, new areas of the market and their own label products.

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