Supporting Businesses Reassure Employees During The Return To Work Post Covid-19

PPE Suits Walking & Spraying

As a Crown Commercial Supplier supporting the government’s fight against all manner of pathogens including Covid-19, our customers can rest assured CryoGen will deliver the levels of service quality expected by the UK government.

Whether your business requires a deep clean of an office, an open workspace, a stringent clean of process lines, using the latest disinfection spray and dry ice blasting technology, CryoGen will deliver a comprehensive solution.

More than ever before, businesses are keen to provide employees with confidence that their working environment is safe. To this end, on completion of each cleaning project, we will provide our cleaning customers with Property Disinfected stickers. These stickers will clearly show when the last clean took place and can be displayed all over the different workplace areas, properties, and assets. The aim of these stickers will be to give employees a visual assurance that the business at which they work, has done all it can to protect their Health and welfare.

With training at the heart of our culture, we continue to develop and deploy highly skilled and experienced staff on our cleaning projects. Our staff are rewarded to follow strict procedures that are underpinned by risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) documents. Our highly skilled operatives coupled with a relentless pursuit to improve the quality of our service delivery, means our customers can always depend on us.

CryoGen has a recognised reputation for on-time delivery, across several sectors. We appreciate the importance of delivering to programme on a project, and as such have systems and processes in place to ensure timely completion of our services.

We have extensive knowledge of working for organisations across the private and public sectors. Furthermore, as an award winning company for health and safety, you can rest assured we will be using carefully sourced technology that is not only environmentally friendly, it is rapid to deploy, and has been approved for the deep cleaning of surfaces that have been in contact by Covid-19.

CryoGen has a long and distinguished heritage in cleaning property and assets within the most difficult of applications. We have performed these tasks to tight deadlines and to the highest of industry standards.  If you would like to talk to us about how we could support your organisation with our specialist cleaning services and be part of your emergency plan for future unforeseen events, please get in touch.

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