UK’s First Landa S10P Nanographic Printer

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The print industry is one which is constantly undergoing change and one exciting development has been the recent arrival of the UK’s first Landa S10P printer: a groundbreaking machine which provides incredible capabilities and will have an enormous impact on the industry going forward.

The First of Its Kind in the UK

The Landa S10P printer has entered the UK courtesy of flyer and leaflet printing specialists instantprint, part of the Bluetree Group based in Rotherham, one of UK’s fastest growing printing businesses. The Landa nanographic printer is the first of its kind in the UK and an amazing piece of printing technology that uses a unique type of ink which enables it to produce an even wider range of colours than standard commercial printers along with an incredibly sharp finish.

Improved Quality & Efficiency

The innovative Landa S10P provides clear benefits for those in the printing industry as well as customers, who will be largely impressed by the much higher quality of their print. It can also be used to improve the efficiency of the operation. In fact, the double-sided model is capable of printing up to 6,500 B1 sized sheets in an hour or 117,000 A5 single-sided leaflets per hour. This equates to it operating at around 4.33 times faster than most current digital printers so businesses are able to significantly increase their output while also providing industry-leading turnaround times for printing.

An Impressive Machine

The Landa S10P is an incredible machine that looks set to have a huge impact on the UK printing industry. It is styled on an American aircraft that has been around since the 1970s, including an actual cockpit area with four huge screens so that the operation can be carefully monitored from within. It uses an incredible 5 billion drops of ink per second with every colour having its own server, plus it produces zero waste which is a huge benefit. It is different to what has come before as it bridges the gap between lithographic and digital printing by maintaining quality over long and medium runs.

instantprint to Benefit

instantprint is the first company along with brother company Route One to bring the printer to the UK so it is a huge moment for the company which is sure to bring them great success. Assembly of such a large and complex piece of machinery can take a long time, but the wait will be worthwhile as it will provide instantprint with a competitive edge and help the brand to significantly increase its printing capability. Therefore, providing the best possible quality for customers which is so important to success in this industry.


The arrival of the Landa S10P printer is a major moment in the UK printing industry and it will be interesting to see the impact that it has. The first of its kind in the UK, the capabilities that this advanced printer has will certainly be beneficial to printing businesses as well as their customers.

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