Beavertown Sells Stake to Heineken


Heineken has acquired a minority stake in London-based craft brewer Beavertown Brewery’s business, providing a £40 million cash injection to build a new site. The new 125,000 sq ft facility will feature a fully automated 150hl brewhouse and will have a total on site capacity of 450,000hl, which will help the business grow. In addition, the site will also create around 150 jobs.

“In choosing Heineken, we’ve met the criteria we set ourselves and that were important to us as a company and a team – we retain full control of our destiny,” said Beavertown CEO and Founder, Logan Plant, in a post on the firm’s website.

“I continue to be the founder, CEO and visionary leading the Beavertown charge and the people you deal with here at the brewery are and will continue to be the dedicated team Beaver. Heineken want to support us where we want it and otherwise leave us to get on doing what we do best. If there is anything that they can help with to improve our business across the board, they are there to assist, if we reach out,” he added.

Beavertown’s new facility will see the beer maker square up to fellow London craft beer brand –Camden Town Brewery. Beavertown could also be given a boost as it gains access to Heineken’s 2,900-strong UK pub network which, as it was announced earlier this week, will be given a £44 million cash injection to upgrade around 500 of its pubs.

“Who we work with and how we work with them stays exactly the same. I can’t stress enough how imperative this has been to us throughout the process. Heineken do not want us to conform or change.  They love what we do and want us to do more of it. That support gives us the opportunity to maximise what we do best and support our partners and team along the way to achieve and grow together,” Logan said.

After the launch of the new site, the firm’s facility in Tottenham Hale will be used for brewing special releases and seasonal beers.


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