Capresso Manufacture new EC300 Coffee Machine

Capresso Manufacture new EC300 Coffee Machine

The US coffee machine manufacturer, Capresso, has revealed the launch of their new EC300 machine. This new product features a built-in warming platform which will work to preheat the cups to the ideal temperature before creating you drink.

The new coffee machine that has been manufactured by Capresso also has an illuminated control knob which can be used to for brewing, frothing and steaming, in a simple operation. There is also a dual frother wand that helps to provide steam, froth, or both for cappuccinos and lattes.

Capresso has developed the new EC300 with a stainless steel-lined ThermoBlock heating system that ensures the espresso is always brewed to the perfect temperature, and makes the best possible tasting drink for the user to enjoy. The company has said that the use of pre-infusion, alongside the 15-bar pump provides the optimal pressure to create the perfect crema, which for non-coffee lovers, is the thin layer of smooth foam that sits on top of the drink and is the signature of a perfectly brewed espresso. The amazing tasting espresso is great on its own or as part of a milk speciality.

The newly launched Capresso EC300 machine also features a heavy-duty portafilter that has been manufactured by the company to include two sieves in order to create one or two thick espressos at a time. The frothing cover and the stainless steel drip tray are removable for cleaning in order to offer a no-fuss solution to splashes and to keep the machine in tip top condition. The coffee machine also makes cleaning even more easily with the integration of an automatic rinsing cycle which takes place after each use. The cleaning cycle also maintains the proper temperature, in order to guarantee that you’ll have great tasting coffee every time. The compact new coffee machine is available in sleek black with stainless steel accents.

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