4 Gadgets To Make Driving Safer


Driving can oft be an arduous chore, often fraught with risk and potential danger. Why not try to eliminate some of that danger by using some of these nifty pieces of tech?


The HUDWAY Glass is an iPhone accessory that helps to ensure your eyes stay firmly on the road. This accessory turns your phone into an eye-level HUD, displaying clear directions and instructions whilst providing data on speed and current trajectory. The accessory is contained so it doesn’t glare against your windscreen and distract you and comes with a tilt mound so it can be moved to suit your requirements.

Stinger USB

Should you end up in an accident you’ll be grateful to have the Stinger USB Emergency Escape Tool on you. This device holds a spring-loaded glass breaker, allowing you to break through windows if the need to do so arises and can also slice through your seat-belts if you’re trapped. But the USB ports also allow it to charge your devices whilst on the move, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

RearVision Back Up Camera

Even in 2017 not all cars carry rear vision cameras so the RearVision Back Up Camera is a good device to have. This camera provides a full view of what’s behind you and will alert you via your smartphone if anything gets in the way. It also fits easily around your licence plate in just a few minutes and is solar powered so no charging kits are necessary.

Anti-Sleep Alarm

Driving at night or for long hours easily results in weariness – a good reason to have the StopSleep Anti-Sleep alarm. Worn on the finger it comes with an electronic sensor that can worn you when drowsiness is happening before it becomes a problem. It does this by constantly measuring your awareness levels with eight sensors that monitor your electrodermal activity. This will keep you alert at all times.

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