5 New Domestic Gadgets For 2017 That Just Might Change Your Life


Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

What’s more important than a good night’s sleep? The Sleep number 360 smart bed is designed to ensure you get the best night’s sleep every night. The bed has several revolutionary sleep improving features; from heating at the bottom of the bed to warm your feet, to a snoring sensor that gently raises the pillow to reduce the volume. The release date and price point are yet to be revealed for this life changing piece of technology but you can expect it to release some time in 2017.

Moen’s U Connected Shower

It’s a common occurrence for many to have to stand for what can seem like an age waiting for the shower to heat up to an adequate temperature. Moen’s U connected shower is the solution to all your shower based problems. The clever device connects to your smartphone and allows you to pre-heat the shower so it’s the perfect temperature. This revolutionary bit of tech releases on March 1st and the pricing starts at around £950.

Hubble Hugo Anger-Management Robot

The Hubble Hugo uses Amazon’s Alexa technology. The state of the art device uses its camera to figure out your mood. The robot tracks facial features and reacts accordingly to your mood, for example if it senses that you’re in a bad mood it may react by playing your favourite music to try and cheer you up. Hugo will be released in summer 2017 and the rumoured price point is under £300.

Cujo Network Defender

Cujo is a cute looking piece of tech that protects your network from intruders, offering firewall keeping you safe anyone trying to compromise your security. Cujo is available now and retails for less than £60.

Hello Egg

The Hello Egg is your new best friend in the kitchen, the device helps you plan and track meals and can be an essential tool in maintaining a healthy diet. As well as this the device syncs up to your grocery store routine and can intuitively tell you when you’re due your next visit. The device can also provide step by step guides to recipes, ensuring it fills all your culinary needs. The purpose of the egg is to reintroduce cooking into the lives of those who don’t have enough time with the goal of creating a more balanced and healthy diet. The Hello Egg will be released in May 2017, and the expected retail is less than £280.

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