Hover 1 Rapid Growth Continues in the UK

Hover 1 Rapid Growth Continues in the UK

Since launching in September 2015, Hover-1 has quickly grown to become the number 1 e-mobility solution brand in the United States of America.

2017 saw the launch of the device across EMEA and the super-tough, super-fun and super-safe boards continue to grow in popularity the UK, establishing a new benchmark in hoverboard quality, design and functionality. 2019 has proved to be the break-through year for Hover-1, showing growth and increasing market share through their selected major UK retailer partners.

Multi-purpose hoverboards for everyone

With a broad range of hoverboards now leading the charge in major retail stores across the UK, e-vehicle enthusiasts are certain to find a Hover-1 product that suits their purpose. Whether searching for a reliable means of professional transportation or the perfect tool for weekend outings, Hover-1 has you covered. From the Helix+, with its 400W motor power, Bluetooth® enabled speakers and Mobile Phone compatibility, to the Horizon, which boasts a dazzling iridescent finish and a staggering array of premium features; there really is a hoverboard for everyone.

Premium quality guaranteed

All products within the Hover-1 range offer complete peace of mind for all users, with each and every hoverboard completing rigorous testing to comply with full-EU safety regulations. Additionally, all Hover-1 products boast full and complete UL certifications on not only their batteries but also the power chargers, all of which come complete with signed certificates issued by the UL governing body.

All Hover-1 products have a water-resistance rating of IPX4 as a minimum, meaning they will withstand the notoriously challenging British weather. Furthermore, all products are supported with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and in the unlikely event of a Hover-1 product experiencing an issue, the in-house European Service Centre is there to support at any time of the day. In fact, Hover-1 actively encourages customers to contact the Hover-1 Service Centre over their point of purchase, as they will provide expert-service including any spare parts, should they be required.

Rising to the top of the global e-mobility market

2018 saw Hover-1 grow to 57% market share (NPD) of the e-mobility sector and in turn becoming the number 1 brand in the US in terms of both volume and turnover. Since then, this number has increased to a phenomenal 63% of the entire market share (NPD), highlighting consumer confidence and the brand’s many unique features and USPs.

Hover-1 formed manufacturing hoverboards only. Now, the brand also specialises in e-scooters, e-bikes, e-mopeds, e-motorbikes and Hover-1 even has electronic cars on the horizon as a strategic marker for the company’s market-leading R&D team. Hover-1’s ongoing investment into electronic vehicles demonstrates the vision the brand holds to become the world’s number 1 360 e-mobility solution brand. This global domination continues with the UK growth teamed with launches into continental Europe and the Middle East.

Pritesh Dave, Managing Director EMEA at Hover-1 Europe, said: “Having launched just a few short years ago, Hover-1 has seen nothing short of a meteoric rise to the top of the hoverboard market. This has been born from our rigorous design and research processes that assure that each product serves its customer perfectly with very little crossover. This, coupled with the consumer confidence that we enjoy from delivering exceptional products made from the highest quality materials, gives Hover-1 the edge on competitor brands. This, along with Hover-1’s unique mouldings in addition to the brand’s identification of a lack of colourway options elsewhere, means that the UK consumer is now looking to Hover-1 when shopping for their new hoverboard. Our stringent, market-leading safety testing and accreditation also mean that our customers can put our products through their paces with the peace of mind that only comes from using the best products in the market. With a keen eye on global expansion, UK e-mobility product users will be pleased to learn that Hover-1 products are now widely available. The whole European team is excited to continue to watch how they are received and be assured, there is a lot more to come!”

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