Iphone and Android - The Functionality of the Phone and its Apps

Iphone and Android – The Functionality of the Phone and its Apps

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus recently took the technology world by storm, with the products receiving rave reviews from critics around the world. The functionality of the phone and its apps has stepped up the game, so has this widened the gap now between Apple and its previously fierce competitor Android?

Well, reports have revealed that this has certainly proved to be the case, and Apple has even set a new iPhone sales record in the process. The proof really is in the profit, but is everybody really as happy with the latest Apple products as the media may suggest?

If you take Google’s stance on the matter for example, then it would appear not. Google are in fact currently in the process of creating a new operating system called Android O, with a developer preview of the system having already been released.

The Android O is set to have a big impact on developers and the products the company can make, and it could be just what is required to shake up the smartphone market. So, what are the bookies making of the situation?

The current odds on app developers creating more gaming apps for Android O than iOS in 2017 are priced at 2/5, with odds on Google Play revenue actually surpassing that of the App Store standing at a tempting 7/1.

It is hard to really say right now how it will pan out between the two software giants in the near future, but if we are to trust in the experts  then it would suggest that despite Android producing more apps it will not come close to overtaking Apple’s revenue dominance.

However, Google may well close the gap, and in maybe five years’ time could we be looking at a switchover in the market?

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