Prime Computer Launches Resource-Saving Workstation

Prime Computer Launches Resource-Saving Workstation

The entire product portfolio of Prime Computer bears the attribute “100% climate-neutral” and the newest member of the family is no exception, with climate-friendly energy consumption paired with a particularly long service life. A key feature of Prime Computer products is the absence of fans and other mechanical components. The compact PrimeStation Pulsar presents itself in a stylish all-aluminum housing that can be placed in the smallest of spaces. Passive heat dissipators ensure silent PC operation even under full load.

“It’s the biggest advance in Green-IT hardware to date since the foundation of Prime Computer. We are proud to offer our customers the PrimeStation Pulsar, a high-performing device to transition to a net-zero emissions future,” said CEO Sacha Ghiglione.

Demanding office applications from graphics work to software development, this green IT product from Switzerland is a versatile companion due to excellent connectivity. At product launch, the PrimeStation Pulsar will be available to order with the latest 8-core, 16-thread Pro APU processor from AMD.

With up to 1TB of built-in m.2 SSD storage and an expandable SSD 2.5” storage slot, the product offers high storage capacity in a small space. Optimal connectivity is provided by a full HDMI and DisplayPort port, six USB interfaces, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the product delivers impressive graphics performance thanks to the integrated Radeon Vega 8 graphics card.

Like all Prime Computer products, the PrimeStation Pulsar is entirely climate-neutral. The low power consumption, excellent reliability, and long product life already significantly reduce the carbon footprint. The remaining greenhouse gases generated during production, shipping, the first five years of use and disposal are fully offset by Prime Computer through certified projects. Prime Computer’s five-year product warranty underlines the high reliability and longevity of the product.

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