Tended Launches World’s First Intelligent Personal Safety Device

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Tended Launches World’s First Intelligent Personal Safety Device : The first branch of pre-orders for the world’s first intelligent personal safety device for lone workers has been opened by Tended. The Tended Protect combines a smartphone-connected wearable with advanced sensor technology and AI. The device then monitors the wearers movements, automatically checking any abnormalities which would indicate an accident.

“We wanted to create something that protected lone workers but was much more than just a panic button, and with the Tended Protect, we’ve built a wearable device that is so smart it can detect an accident as and when it happens. It can support you for when you’re up a remote mountain away from people or for when you’re simply going about your daily commute,” said Founder of Tended, Leo Scott Smith.

Out of all lone workers, only 6% of them are protected with a lone worker alarm. This means that there are 6.8 million lone workers in the UK that go to work every day unprotected. The Tended Protect will automatically send an emergency alert to predetermined emergency contacts if an accident is detected, or if an individual does not respond to pre-set check ins. Alternatively, the wearer can make an SOS call at any time by using a pre-set click pattern on the Tended Protect band, meaning help is never too far away.

Moreover, the Tended Protect sends potentially life-saving data to the user’s pre-set emergency contacts, including their GPS location, health data and activity information, in case of an emergency.

The Tended Protect also acts as a fitness tracker and can connect to popular fitness tracking apps allowing the user to keep track of all their important fitness information such as steps, calories and distance.

Tended aims to provide users and selected emergency contacts with reassurance, so that everyone can enjoy the activities they love, without having the constant worry about potential risks that come with working alone.

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