Top 10 Game-Changing Internet Of Things Companies In 2017


The internet of things (IoT) is the internetworking of devices, vehicles, buildings and essentially any item with sensors, software, electronics and connectivity which allow these objects to exchange and collect various types of data. The IoT has moved on massively since its introduction by Kevin Ashton, a British pioneer who coined a system of ubiquitous sensors to connect the physical world to the interne. It is no longer an unreachable buzzword circulating the home, it can be found worldwide with some of the biggest companies trying to turn the IoT market into a reality.

The IoT is a fuelling innovation that can connect things never before to the translate a meaningful change in modern society. Already making big waves within the UK’s energy and manufacturing industries it comes as no surprise that technology giants have invested in IoT and here are some of the most powerful company giants in 2017.

Amazon Web Services

The technology tyrant claim` If you knew the state of every thing in the world, and could reason on top of the data: What problems would you solve? ` From this notion they have built specific services that collect and send data to the cloud and provide the ability to successfully and efficiently manage devices.


Intel transform data into insights to reduce downtime and increase output for smart manufacturing. They see smart building and transportation solutions while combining key components of IoT solutions.


Experts at Cisco design and implement IoT solutions to various verticals to unlock the value of connecting the unconnected.


Dell offer an Edge Gateway with dual core processors that connect wired and wireless devices to analyse and aggregate input that only send meaningful data to the cloud or control centre.


A broad ecosystem of partners provide end to end solutions across various customer requirements that strengthen relationships with other IoT specialists operating both globally and locally.


IoT solutions at google build connected devices to provide secure and innovative products using communitive platforms such as Weave.


By connecting data, people and processes using flexible technologies HPE drive insight and reduce risk.


IBM use a Watson IoT platform designed to simplify cognitive IoT development to harness the full potential of IoT.


Experts here connect and scale with efficiency working from low power devices to the highest of technological platforms.


Insights here drive actions from IoT data to enable businesses to deliver innovative services securely and quickly. The IoT ultimately starts with your things and assembles data together safely and efficiently in innovative ways using actionable and unmatchable intelligence that modernise the way business works in ways never seen before.

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