Iced Drinks Giant Polar Krush Launches New Brand

Iced Drinks Giant Polar Krush Launches New Brand

Iced drinks giant Polar Krush has launched a new fizzy frozen brand. The brand, Vortex Fizzing Ice Storm, will be served in self-serve dispensing units, available in four flavours, lemon and lime, blue raspberry, strawberry and tropical. The dispensing units will feature HD digital video display and can serve 430 drinks per hour.

Polar Krush is a family owned business that supplies iced drinks to soft play and trampoline parks, holiday parks, leisure centres and bars and restaurants.

“We are innovators at Polar Krush and pride ourselves on providing excellent products and service to our customers. There is limited choice in the frozen carbonated drinks market which is why we made the decision to invest in the development of the Vortex brand. We want to tap into the growing popularity of fizzy frozen drinks and our aim is to offer consumers an exceptional taste experience, which is also a healthier and more environmentally responsible alternative to what’s currently available,” said Vortex sales director Michael Reid.

Earlier this year, the Northumberland-based company introduced a 100 per cent recyclable spoon straw, made from made from paper and recycled cups.

Polar Krush also acquired Fraser Distribution this year, which trades as Slushee UK, in a deal that included Slushee UK’s large fleet of machines.

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