Lees of Scotland Launch new Caramel Teacake

Lees of Scotland Launch new Caramel Teacake

One of the UK’s leading independent confectionary manufacturing companies have launched a new product. Lees of Scotland has developed their teacake range again in order to offer the new Caramel Teacake.

The confectionary manufacturing company has expanded their product range in the past, with the development of the Mint Teacake and the Lees Jaffa Teacake which was launched in 2013. This new product has been manufactured with a caramel flavoured mallow which is put onto a biscuit base and covered in smooth and velvety chocolate flavoured coating.

The packaging that has been created for their new caramel product has been designed to complement the rest of the Lees of Scotland range. The packaging showcases the product and features a large image of the Caramel Teacake on the pack.

Lees of Scotland was first established in 1931 in Coatbridge by John J Lees. The manufacturing company has developed their ranges of teacakes and snowballs, before adding other confectionary bars with items such as tablet, fudge and coconut ice bars joining the range of products offered by the manufacturer. The confectionery manufacturer has struggled in the past however, and was sold to Northumbrian Fine Foods in 1991, before being returned to independent Scottish ownership in 1993. The manufacturing company is known for being a vital employer in the local area. The manufacturing premises are located in Coatbridge and is an 82,000 square foot site that has been purpose built for the manufacturing company.

Lees of Scotland has continued to expand in recent years, with their sales and the business have been increasing each year since 2000. It is thought that the manufacturer’s continuous development of new products is essential to making sure that the company continues to be a success across the UK and also in a range of export markets.

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