Cimcorp Manufactures and Installs new MultiPick Solution for Food Manufacturer

Cimcorp Manufactures and Installs new MultiPick Solution for Food Manufacturer

Cimcorp has installed their MultiPick solution at Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe Headquarters. Cimcorp is a manufacturing company delivering turnkey robotic gantry-based order fulfillment as well as a range of tire handling solutions. The manufacturing company has installed the MultiPick solution at the family run bread and roll manufacturer headquarters in Chambersburg.

Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe has selected the new MultiPick solutions in order to enable faster picking which in turn means that customers are able to access fresher products. It is thought that the new MultiPick solution will also lead to fewer picking errors as well as a range of other benefits that Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe is looking to make the most of. It is the purpose of the company to bake the best product possible and provide an efficient sales and distribution service and support that is able to operate fairly and with integrity. The solution that has been provided by Cimcorp has allowed the bread and roll makers and distributors to live up to this mission statement.

The Cimcorp MultiPick system is a fully automated and robotic material handling solution which has the storage capacity for 19,000 trays and 66 stock keeping units. The Multipick system can pull 21,000 trays in a workday and work alongside the company’s Westfalia’s flexible automated storage and retrieval system which works to replenish the pallet loads of trays that are then moved on for the MultiPick system to depalletize, separate, accumulate and the distribute along a conveyor.

The MultiPick solution that has been manufactured by Cimcorp is said to be the answer to the demand for innovative supply chain solutions that can help companies cut handling costs and help businesses working in competitive markets. One of these markets that is ideal for the Cimcorp MultiPick solution in the food and beverage market, as freshness of the product is paramount and the industry is also highly competitive.

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