Pret’s New Menu Packed with Vegan Options

Pret's New Menu Packed with Vegan Options

Pret, the high-street coffee shop, has just announced its biggest menu shake-up so far with the launch of 20 new recipes on April 9th to reflect the UK’s changing consumer tastes, and 8 of the new options are suitable for vegans.

Inspired by food development trips around the world and evolving consumer tastes, Pret is introducing a variety of new ingredients from smashed avocado to chilli salt and roasted chestnut mushrooms which have been roasted in a sticky tamari, miso and brown sugar marinade to give a delicious umami flavour to two new vegan dishes.

Vegan options

Vegans looking for breakfast on the go will now find Coconut & Berries on Pret’s new gluten-free bread (£3.25) which features a thick layer of coconut yoghurt dairy alternative, Pret’s five berry compote, fresh blueberries and a scattering of toasted coconut chips. There’s also an Almond Butter & Berry Bircher (£2.35) with coconut yoghurt, shredded apple and almond butter, berry compote and caramelised pecans to put a spring in your step in the morning.

If you want to add a bit of sunshine to your morning then you’ll enjoy the Tropical Bircher (£2.99) made with gluten-free granola, coconut yoghurt, mango and banana sunshine smoothie, passionfruit juice, shredded apple, diced fresh mango and coconut chips.

Those looking for a nutrient hit at lunchtime can tuck into the Asian-Style Veggie Box (£4.50) which is packed with cos lettuce, long-stem broccoli, sweet roasted mushrooms, black rice, edamame beans, pickled cabbage & carrot and sesame seeds and served with a zingy green dressing.

Fans of mushrooms and avocados will love the Roast Mushroom & Smashed Avocado Pot (£2.99) that combines smashed avocado with sweet roasted mushrooms, diced mango, pickle cabbage & carrot and edamame beans.

Lunch options will soon boast a Humous & Chipotle Wrap (£2.99) featuring a generous dollop of humous with spicy chipotle ketchup and fresh coriander topped with sliced red peppers, crunchy carrot & mooli slaw, pickled cabbage and carrot and spinach.


For the first time ever, Pret will be offering gluten-free bread on the menu. The company couldn’t find a gluten-free bread they were proud to sell, so have instead developed their own recipe that combines oat, teff, buckwheat and quinoa flours, with millet, red quinoa, sourdough and a dash of treacle.

Vegans can enjoy a slice of this soft, flavoursome bread topped with Pret’s hand-smashed avocado (£3.25).

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