ProVeg and Beyond Animal Announce Virtual Edition of New Food Invest 2021

ProVeg and Beyond Animal Announce Virtual Edition of New Food Invest 2021

ProVeg and Beyond Animal are proud to announce their inaugural collaboration in the form of the first virtual New Food Invest event. This virtual summit aims to leverage the most promising developments currently taking place in the alternative-protein space. It will be the world’s first online conference that focuses exclusively on bringing together international plant-based and cultured-food startups, investors, and key stakeholders in the food industry. This impactful combination will promote and accelerate future protein solutions and re-shape the future of food. New Food Invest is where innovation meets investment.

The COVID-19 crisis has clearly shown the urgent need to accelerate food-system change by investing in animal-free solutions. The alternative-protein investment sector is experiencing rapid growth, with more than 20 meat-alternative startups having raised about $1.4 billion from venture investors in the first seven months of 2020, according to London-based investor network FAIRR (Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return).

According to FAIRR, the key drivers of climate change and food safety are leading markets away from animal farming and toward better alternatives – with investors targeting investment opportunities that are both sustainable and scalable, and consumers increasingly shifting towards plant-based foods. The alternative-protein sector has become increasingly attractive to institutional investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, and individual investors in the face of increasing demand. Additionally, burgeoning investor interest is encouraging more startups and first-to-market entrepreneurs to develop innovative protein solutions.

At New Food Invest, participants will be able to connect with key stakeholders, investors, and startups from the alternative-protein space that are focusing on plant-based and/or cultured alternatives, including meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy. Investors attending will include institutional investors and venture capitalists, as well as angel investors and qualified individual investors.

“Through our digital platform, we can bring together the entire value chain of plant-based producers and connect them with capital providers. By combining the power of the network with interested funders, we have the tools at our disposal to create a kinder, cleaner, healthier world,” said Dhanesh Kothari, Co-founder of Beyond Animal.

Due to the virtual format of the ProVeg and Beyond Animal conference, attendants will be safe. Additionally, there will be no need to to travel to an event venue, thus dramatically reducing CO2 emissions, compared to traditional event formats.

As the sister brand to the New Food Conference, Europe’s leading summit on alternative protein, more than 400 international participants are expected to attend New Food Invest. “We are thrilled to provide a forum to connect investors with passionate entrepreneurs who are dedicated to changing the world for the better,” said Jens Tuider, International Director of ProVeg International. “Scientific research has shown that alternative-protein solutions play a significant role and serve as a solution in terms of mitigating climate change, improving environmental and animal protection, and minimising the risk of pandemics. Our event format will offer the most efficient environment for investors and startups to connect.”

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