Ribble’s £3.5 Million Investment into Their Future

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How Ribble’s recent investment and Right Size packaging technology are helping to alleviate the strain of national cardboard shortages.

In 2020, Oldham-based packaging solutions provider Ribble Packaging successfully completed a £3.5 million investment project on time, despite the challenges presented by Covid-19. The project, which included a warehouse extension and the installation of various state-of-the-art machinery, began in February 2020 and concluded in early September. The investment has allowed Ribble to expand their capacity and continue growth in the future.

Over the past 5 years Ribble has worked hard to create a position as the European market leader for the manufacture and supply of corrugated Fanfold (a concertina of continuous cardboard sheet), in addition to pioneering Right Size packaging solutions in the UK. This journey to success began when they prototyped the very first Fanfold stacker developed by Universal Corrugated B.V. Using this highly automated and ground-breaking technology, they were able to ride the growing wave of the ‘on demand’ culture. It was Ribble’s desire to continue as the market leaders in this rapidly developing and evolving market that led to the decision to make this latest investment.

The investment consisted of 4 projects involving a multitude of contractors from all over Europe, all of whom came together with Ribble’s own team to coordinate the installations. The teams worked seamlessly in an environment made all the more challenging by the requirement to comply with Ribble’s comprehensive Covid risk management plan.

  1. The ’Airbond’ System
  2. The Unifold Automated Fanfold Stacker
  3. Dedicated Press Track
  4. Warehouse & Factory Extension

Since the completion of Ribble’s investment project in September last year, the packaging industry has experienced an unprecedented increase in demand as a direct result of Covid-19 and Brexit. Despite the challenges which have arisen for the industry as a whole, Ribble have thrived due to the operational success of the new machinery installed and extra warehouse space. Within four weeks of the investment projects being commissioned Ribble had delivered a 25% increase in productivity, allowing them to absorb the demand and maintain their high service levels. Further productivity improvements are expected to be gained from this investment over the coming months.

In addition to their own operational productivity, Ribble’s Right Size packaging has proven to be an effective solution for their customers, particularly for retailers. Right Size has allowed businesses to regain control and streamline their packaging process despite the ongoing short-term packaging shortage. Stephen Rector commented on the positive impact Right Sizing has on the packaging industry “With the events of 2020 and a greater emphasis on the role of ecommerce within the retail industry, we have seen a rise in demand of Right Size technology that can cope with the ever-changing retail landscape.”



To find out more details Ribble’s investment project and Right Size packaging solutions, please visit their website – https://ribble-pack.co.uk/right-size

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