RDM Group Offer Expertise to Vapouriz to Solve Vaping Display Case

RDM Group Offer Expertise to Vapouriz to Solve Vaping Display Case

RDM Group, one of the key figures in the development of technology such as driverless cars have announced that they are working to help solve another major issue: presentation in the vaping industry. The company has announced that they are teaming up with Vapouriz in order to develop and manufacture a new display case that will have space for up to eight different flavours to be tested easily. This new case is being developed in order to help stores up and down the country.

The engineering knowledge of the automotive industry are being put to the test in this partnership in order to help to solve a major issue for the fast going vaping industry. The innovation that is being developed has been designed from a robust and retractable mechanism that is fitted within a plastic shell and avoids any unsightly cabling that customers have been tangled in until now.

With the development of this new display case, clients will be able to test different vape handsets easily and without any associated safety issues such as tangling, or the display unit moving around. Store owners will also be able to swap and change then different e-liquids in order to suit both current and future vaping trends. The deal between RDM Group and Vapouriz is worth £160,000 so far to RDM Group and it is thought that this figure has the potential to double over the course of the next 12 months as new export orders are confirmed.

RDM Group pride themselves on the ability to come up with a range of engineering solutions and while the vaping sector is not an area that the company has been involved in before but, after a chance meeting between their CEO David Keene and Vapouriz, the company decided to use their specialist knowledge of automotive wiring and looms in order to come up with a solution.

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