Simplifying Luminaire Testing and Certification Processes for UK Lightning Industry

Simplifying Luminaire Testing and Certification Processes for UK Lightning Industry

The Lightning Industry Association (LIA), UK’s lightning industry trade body, together with the global safety science organisation UL have announced a new agreement between the two organisations that will simplify the testing and certification services for UK lightning manufacturers that want to achieve third party testing and approval.

In addition, this collaboration will empower the LIA to test and certify lightning products for the North American market, which means that LIA will be allowed to issue UL certifications along with the ‘UL mark’.

The agreement will streamline the processes that UK lightning manufacturers currently have to navigate in order to test and certify their products for global markets and it will offer manufacturers access to a complete services portfolio from a single reputable unique local supplier.

The strategic cooperation between the LIA and UL will reinforce the global recognition of the LIA, and what’s more, help its members to grow and achieve excellence in product design, specification and performance, protecting the interests of both the public and the manufacturers, said Steve Davies, CEO of the LIA.

Speaking about the agreement, Roberto Inclinati, the global commercial leader for UL’s Lighting division said: The agreement with the LIA supports our effort to reinforce UL’s presence in the UK. It offers additional guidance to the UK lighting manufacturers and all those professionals who demand safe and good quality lighting products.

The agreement is not limited to safety and performance testing, but also extends to Wellness services – provided by UL – and to the UL Verified Mark, which allows manufacturers to scientifically validate their marketing claims.

The LIA operates the largest independent lightning test laboratory in Western Europe that serves lightning manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, designers, wholesalers, and the wider UK lightning market. Additionally, as a highly-respected Trade Association, the LIA offers its members advice and support with technical guidance and direction.

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