The Rising Potential of DTC Marketing


Customer Experience Strategies, Differences with Retail, the Role of Amazon and Much More in a Webinar

Selling direct-to-consumer (DTC / D2C) is a rapidly growing channel among manufacturers looking to shift their sales model. The traditional retail channel provides significant value in terms of reach but comes at the price of severing the relationship between manufacturers and consumers. Retail can reduce product value to a commodity and restricts manufacturers’ methods of communicating with their customers to packaging, product quality, and mass-marketing.

Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands are anticipated to grow, but it’s not a new concept. If anything, it’s actually the most natural way for consumers to shop. The foundations of commerce started directly between the producers and consumers – think local farmers markets, jewellers in Hatton Garden, or tailors at Saville Row.

While the first brands to enter the DTC world were driven by traditional manufacturers seeking to protect their margins, new reasons are validating the move to the DTC model. There is a second wave of DTC brands that has emerged through new factors: lower eCommerce technology barriers, more accessible logistic processes, and greater focus on values and ethics behind consumerism. More ethically conscious brands have been started by consumers being fed up with being taken advantage of wanting to live in a more fair and equal society.

To be successful, DTC ventures should not mimic the tactics of other successful retail or ecommerce brands. There are several key differentiators that DTC brands should focus on that can positively influence the experiences that a direct-to-consumer relationship can offer.

In this webinar, Mapp and VTEX will discuss:

  • The emergence of DTC and why brands are making this shift
  • 10 key differences between Retail and DTC
  • How to build a customer experience (CX) strategy for DTC
  • Real-life examples of marketing tactics unique to DTC
  • And much more!

If you’re looking to grow the DTC channel for your brand and want to discover how an effective marketing and customer experience strategy will drive growth, register for the webinar on Tuesday 7th December, at 2pm GMT.


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