Effective LEV Ensures Workplace Air Is Clean and Safe To Breathe

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) current Manufacturing Sector Plan includes an inspection programme targeting fabricated metal premises in a bid to reduce incidents of occupational lung disease.

In the manufacturing industry, significant causes of work-related respiratory disease are exposure to metalworking fluids (MWFs) and welding fume. Employers have a legal responsibility under COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations 2002 to protect employees from exposure to any substance considered hazardous to health.

The HSE generally recommends using Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) as the most effective way of controlling contaminated air at source.  LEV systems capture, contain and treat air contaminated with oil mist, fume, smoke and dust before it has an opportunity to escape into the wider working environment.

COSHH regulations require all LEV systems to be thoroughly examined and tested (TExT) by a competent person at least once every 14 months – sometimes as frequently as once every month depending on the nature of the application.

COSHH Regulation 9.4 states that in addition to regular testing, ‘every employer shall keep a suitable record of the examinations and tests…and of repairs…for at least 5 years’

The HSE recommends including a wide range of information in LEV Test Reports to ensure an accurate record of both the LEV system and the examination results.  Regular servicing by experienced engineers is also recommended for many LEV systems as this enables any issues to be identified and resolved in between routine LEV Tests.

Filtermist Systems Limited’s ATLAS service programme aims to make it as hassle free as possible for UK manufacturers to be confident they’re protecting their workforce from hazardous airborne contaminants, and operating in compliance with relevant HSE regulations including COSHH.

From as little as £0.26 per employee per day*, Filtermist can provide a bespoke service that includes routine and reactive maintenance, and thorough examination and testing of LEV systems.

The ATLAS programme includes packages tailored for oil mist, dust, fume and spray LEV systems and includes three service levels – bronze, silver and gold with different payment options and contract lengths.

All packages include service visits, an annual LEV test, a dedicated account manager and a 24 hour response time for all breakdowns. Silver and gold levels offer additional benefits including weekend call-outs, breakdown voucher visits, and even filter consumables in some cases.

Signing up to an ATLAS contract also means customers no longer have to remember to book regular services and LEV tests – this is all handled by Filtermist’s dedicated service team.

Full details including a breakdown of each service level can be found by visiting:

Filtermist believes that no-one should contract a lung-disease as a direct result of their working environment so everyone has a role to play in ensuring the air in their workplace is clean and safe to breathe.

Please contact the Filtermist Sales Team by calling 01952 290500 or emailing to discuss your specific requirements.

*Based on a facility with 25 employees, with up to 10 Filtermist units requiring four site visits per year in a Bronze contract.


Useful links

COSHH essentials sheets:

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