COSHH Compliant Chemical Storage Cabinets from First Mats


Poorly stored chemicals can cause serious injury to personnel, as well as expensive damage to stock, equipment and the environment.  In addition, if you or your employees are found to be in violation of COSHH storage regulations – the rules put in place by the United Kingdom government to protect personnel from injury or ill-health when working with certain chemicals and materials – you can be subjected to an unlimited fine.

If you are storing potentially dangerous chemicals like strong acids or alkalis, pesticides or flammable liquids, you need to use a dedicated storage cabinet. These should be designed and manufactured to conform with the COSHH regulations, which means they need a lockable door and extra safety features like lipped shelves and liquid-tight welded sumps, ensuring that any leaks and spills are contained within the cabinet.

The COSHH compliant cabinet should also be clearly labelled on the outside, and the inside should be well organised; labels should be facing outwards, heavier/larger items should be stored towards the bottom and chemicals with the potential to react with one another should be segregated.

First Mats, the Birmingham-based industrial equipment supply experts, are now able to provide  a complete range of COSHH compliant chemical storage cabinets in a variety of different colours to help users identify their contents.

“Safety has always been at the forefront of the products we offer” states Richard O’Connor, one of the directors at First Mats, “COSHH compliant storage cabinets are therefore an excellent way to better support our industrial customers”.


You can see the full range of Chemical Storage Cabinets on the First Mats website at If you have any questions, or would like further advice, get in touch with the team directly using the chat function on the site, or by way of email to

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