Waivlength Launches First Microwave-Sterilisable Respirator Mask in the UK – Providing Superior FFP2 Protection at a Fraction of the Cost


Med-tech provider launches its innovative and affordable answer to the COVID-19 face mask dilemma.

Med-tech provider WaivLength has launched the first microwave-sterilisable respirator mask in the UK with accompanying low-cost replaceable FFP2 filters. At the core of the unique mask design is the proven technology of medical silicone, which has efficient antimicrobial properties and a high thermal resistance level — enabling the use of heat to eliminate bacteria and viruses from its surfaces.

Combined with lightweight, easily replaceable FFP2-rated filters, the WaivLength mask offers complete protection in a simple, affordable solution that prevents the prolonged use of unwashed reusable cloth masks, which increase the risk of contagion through the transfer of bacteria and viral particles from contaminated surfaces to the warm moist material covering the user’s nose and mouth.

Theo Owen, co-director at WaivLength, comments: ‘Our medical silicone respirator masks are antimicrobial and can be sterilised in just five minutes using a microwave, oven or boiling water. The masks come with FFP2 filters that take just a few seconds to change — and since one FFP2 filter creates less than 20% the amount of waste material compared to the average three-ply disposable mask, they also provide a much more eco-friendly solution’.

He continues: ‘We are proud to be able to offer a product that is comfortable, affordable, sustainable and — above all — safe. Through these products, we aim to ensure everyone has access to effective and inexpensive personal protective equipment, reducing the use of unsustainable and polluting disposables and providing a quick and convenient solution to the problem of long wash cycles for reusable masks’.

The mask itself is made from medical silicone which moulds to the face, offering the wearer protection from airborne virus particles. Furthermore, medical silicone is a material that has a permanently antimicrobial surface which stops the mask from harbouring bacteria from face touching, thus preventing infections caused by the long-term use of unwashed reusable cloth masks. It also has the added benefit of eliminating bad odours caused by perspiration.

Aside from the respirator mask and filters, WaivLength is also bringing other products to the market to aid in the fight against the virus. Its decontamination devices use ozonising technology to oxidise viral and bacterial particles on every surface of an environment — even in the most hidden places — and will be aimed at helping business owners keep their premises sterilised and safe for their patrons and employees alike.

Matthew Gale, co-director at WaivLength, explains: ‘We initially set up WaivLength to supply ultrasound, photocatalysis, electrotherapy and magnetotherapy devices to hospitals and clinics. However, after we saw the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, and the lack of affordable high-level protection available in the UK, we felt we needed to switch our focus towards tackling this problem. Suddenly, we all found ourselves incredibly vulnerable and relatively powerless in our abilities to contain and stop a silent enemy that was all around us, and we decided we needed to do something to change that.’

He concludes: ‘In times like these, the desire to protect ourselves and our loved ones is innate. We all remain aware, alert and collectively eager to take the extra precautions necessary to tackle coronavirus or, indeed, any other novel viruses that are likely to emerge over the coming years. We will continue to work towards bringing more products to the UK, which can help protect those who are most vulnerable and help bring this pandemic to an end.’

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