Scottish Government to Tackle Obesity Problem


The Scottish Government has released a Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan in order to make sure that the Scottish public is making healthy choices when it comes to food. The plan includes measures to reduce diet-related health inequalities, and ensures that the food environment in Scotland supports healthier choices. Restrictions will be placed on the marketing and promotion of goods that are high in fat, sugar or salt, and have little or no essential nutrients.

Moreover, children will be encouraged to maintain a well-balanced, nutritional diet and training will be offered to frontline staff in services working with families, parents and children. “We’ve pledged to halve childhood obesity by 2030 and that ambition is at the heart of our delivery plan. I am proud to publish it at the start of National Childhood Obesity Week,” commented Scotland’ public health minister Joe Fitzpatrick.

Scottish people will also gain wider access to effective weight management services, with particular focus on those with type-2 diabetes. “We will invest £42 million over five years to establish supported weight management interventions as a core part of treatment services for people with, or at risk of, type-2 diabetes. This will be supported by a type-2 diabetes prevention, early detection and early intervention framework, to be published in summer 2018,” said the Scottish government.

In addition, the government has also pledged to support overweight or obese people from deprived communities by continuing to fund health boards to do so.

“I want everyone, across all sectors including government, citizens, the public and third party sectors and businesses to play their part in achieving our bold vision to significantly reduce health inequalities,” said Fitzpatrick.

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