Business Opportunities at the New Offshore Wind Farm

Business Opportunities at the New Offshore Wind Farm

Businesses from the North-East have been invited to a ‘Meet the Buyer’ event to hear about the opportunities available at the new wind farm headquarters that is being built at Fraserburgh Harbour. A collaboration was set up in summer between the harbour, Aberdeenshire Council, North East Scotland College at Fraserburgh and Moray East Offshore Wind Farm and MHI Vestas.

The event aims to make local companies aware of the benefits the new wind farm will bring to them, as well as give them the confidence and contacts to get involved.

“We’ve a small number of contractors and they’ve got contractors working for them so we’re really hoping businesses from Aberdeenshire can take these on. There’s short term contracts for the actual building and there’s the longer term ones so it will bring benefits to the local economy. We will be selling electricity for a lower figure compared to other suppliers and as we bring costs down we need the local economy to be competitive. Events like this enable that type of working to work effectively,” commented project spokesman Craig Milroy.

The opportunities available for North-East businesses include work related to transport, haulage, waste disposal, onshore and offshore technicians, as well as equipment hire.

The development is believed to bring a lot of benefits to the area in the future. “We are happy and proud to have been involved in this project from its early stages, demonstrating our support for renewable energy as part of a long term aim to diversify the North-East economy and support businesses in the area to the end,” said council leader Jim Gifford.

The ‘Meet the Buyer’ event is taking place in the Fraserburgh college campus from 4pm to 6.30pm on 29th January.

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