Majorfax Thrives Within the Agricultural Sector


Majorfax, West Midlands-based ferrous and non-ferrous casting manufacturer, is thriving within the agricultural sector. Its castings have been used for the production of tractors and various types of agricultural off-road vehicles and machines since the company’s foundation in 1984.

Majorfax supplies some of the largest manufacturers in both the farming and off-highway sectors, providing them with fully finished castings. Due to a number of long-term contracts with several global agricultural manufacturers, this sector has been one of the organisation’s most significant growth areas in the 2017-2018 Financial Year.

Thanks to the increased in demand for tractor ballast weights, the company has enhanced its production capacity and this month it managed to hire a Supplier Development Coordinator. The new member of the team is working within the purchasing department, keeping ahead of the increasing demand for agricultural castings and continually developing the organisation’s supply chain and production process.

Moreover, Majorfax also supplied various types of castings to manufacturers within the tillage, harvesting, grassland equipment and seeding markets. “We are proud of our long association with the agricultural sector. For over 30 years, we have been supplying independent equipment manufacturers, together with global tractor manufacturers with fully finished castings to be used for all types of farming applications,” said John Hughes, Sales Director at Majorfax.

With engineers and an executive board boasting vast amount of experience within the agricultural sector, the organisation plans to continue its expansion within the market via further investment in its production and people. “The agricultural sector has been a key sector for Majorfax from the outset and we plan to continuously enhance our production capabilities to serve the needs of this significant market,” said Ranvir Gill at Majorfax.

Majorfax Limited is a Tier 1 supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous castings, operating within the Agricultural & Off-Highway, Renewables & Energy, General Engineering, Railway and Architectural & Decorative sectors. Along with the supply of castings and its surface finishing services, Majorfax also provides its clients with an all-round supply chain service, managing their logistics, quality management, cost management and stockholding needs.

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