APHC Celebrates Its Essential Workers on Quality Plumber Week 2021

APHC Celebrates Its Essential Workers on Quality Plumber Week 2021

The Association of Plumbing and Heating (APHC) is hosting Quality Plumber Week 2021 on 11-17 October in partnership with Installer in order to celebrate the essential and highly skilled work plumbers carry out every day.

Organised by APHC annually, the Quality Plumber Week aims to raise awareness of the skills within the plumbing and heating industry whilst shining a spotlight on the many plumbing businesses that play a vital part in our communities, from unblocking sinks to making sure drinking water is safe to ensuring our homes are kept warm.

“There are thousands of excellent plumbers working throughout England and Wales; who provide exceptional service and advice to homes and businesses. On behalf of not only our members, but also every hardworking plumber we want to recognise the skills and work they do,” said John Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at APHC.

“Also, rather than focus on the negative aspects of COVID, let’s champion the plumbers that are committed to delivering high standards of workmanship and unrivalled levels of customer service despite the circumstances. The plumbing industry prides itself on extremely high standards, with plumbers and suppliers continually developing new systems and technologies to benefit the way we live.”

This year, the week also aims to champion those who have provided crucial help for the UK population throughout the pandemic. APHC wants to celebrate the UK’s plumbers as the backbone of the country’s workforce during these particularly trying times, which is why it’s encouraging people share their positive stories.

Examples include HW Wilson Ltd providing donations to the hardworking staff of Basildon Hospital; Heat-Air Ltd carrying out heat pump installations for a homeless charity with the likes of presenter George Clarke; and Legionella & Fire Safe Services providing heat for an elderly woman living alone and didn’t know where else to turn.


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