Engineers to Deal with Leicester’s Most Dangerous Junction

Engineers to Deal with Leicester’s Most Dangerous Junction

The Fiveways Junction in Leicester where Groby Road meets Blackbird Road and Fosse Road North is commonly referred to as the city’s most dangerous road, with locals often suffering the consequences of the confusing and frustrating system. However, things are about to get a whole lot better as engineers are set to unveil plans to significantly improve the junction.

Proposals are being put into place to completely remodel the Fiveways Junction, with the local council hoping that these changes will stop drivers from using Woodgate as a way of accessing Leicester City Centre. The junction currently holds the worst accident record in the city and in the past five years alone there have been 33 recorded injuries, so changes are certainly needed quickly!

Sir Peter Soulsby is the City Mayor, and he has commented, That junction is the most problematic in the city. It is confusing, slow to get through and it is dangerous. What we propose will make it easier to get it through. The latest phase of work will help with congestion and improve safety and traffic flow at three very busy junctions on a key route into the city from the North West.

The Fiveways junction has some of the highest figures for road accidents in the city. Its layout can confuse drivers, especially at peak times when vehicles are obscuring the lane markings. We will be simplifying the layout and improving the traffic signals to make them clearer and easier to understand, as well as upgrading the facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

The improvements made to the Fiveways Junction will be part of a £9 million scheme aimed at improving the transport corridor into the city, and if it results in less accidents and confusion for drivers on the road then it will be a very successful development!

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