Who Will Be Responsible for the Engineering of Trumps Wall?

Who Will Be Responsible for the Engineering of Trumps Wall?

Huge debate has sparked around engineers avoiding ethical and moral panics surrounding work in the US, more specifically with work on Trumps Wall. Trumps controversial (to say the least) philosophy of building a wall between the US and Mexico is raising many questions, and of recent that would be who is in fact going to build the psychical border?

Engineering companies will be urged to construct and design said wall should the notions go ahead and there are hundreds of potential candidates lined up to transform Trump’s fantasy into reality. The willingness of various companies are steady in the belief of the huge profit they could gain from the project despite the diverse surrounding politics. It has been argued that ethical codes and practise provide many engineers with little guidance on such matters and they are not fully taking into account the drastic complications that could come from the manufacturing of a racially segregating wall.

Before any concrete plans can take psychical form there will certainly be some heated and spirited discussion. Protestors have pleaded for engineers to turn down Trumps notion on behalf of maintaining positive social and ecological impacts by stating: If engineering is only about making money, let’s not call in engineering. Today’s political climate change is forcing engineers to be less passive and giving them the opportunity to discuss their person affiliations to politicians and legislators.

Various companies from potential engineers of `the wall` have claimed they are not viewing the build as politics, they are viewing it as work as they would any other job and they cannot risk the money involved in such an endeavour. Including companies such as De la Fuente Construction Inc and R.E. Staite Engineering (both California based businesses). Despite the potential fire of political backwash, it appears the majority of companies are viewing the ordeal as a chance to make money and gain work, choosing to neglect all political points and take on the wall as purely business.

This controversy doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere in a hurry. Once the wall is or is not built the company who does undertake the task are likely to be left with some angst especially amongst US citizens. The Architecture Lobby explores the concept of engineering as: rooted in a goal to improve our societies by producing structures that render them more than just, more equitable and more beautiful. By this logic alone we can establish how some people may feel the engineering world is forgetting what it stands for, the debate is expected to continue long into late 2017.

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