Online Manufacturing Saving Engineers’ Time

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Around half a year ago, Fractory started offering sheet metal fabrication services in the UK market.

Solving the Problem of Wasted Time

The company was established by engineers who saw a problem in the industry – too much of their time was allocated towards getting manufacturing quotes. Thinking they would rather use this time to provide better products, befittingly to engineers, they wanted to solve the problem.

Getting manufacturing prices usually require back-and-forth emailing and calling. Waiting times for quotes only can be up to a few days.

Fractory’s platform, on the other hand, provides quotes in seconds for CAD files. The option to price 3D models also increases the time saved by losing the need for making drawings altogether.

Having over 30 partnering manufacturers from several countries in Europe, Fractory takes full responsibility for quality and delivery. At the same time, the large network guarantees the possibility to execute intricate jobs and answer different manufacturing needs at one place.

Coming to the UK

The company was founded in Estonia. Fractory proved to be a success in the initial test markets in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions. Thus, at the start of 2019, it was time to move to the UK that employs 2.6 million people in the manufacturing sector – twice as much as the population of Estonia.

While there were already some online manufacturing companies in the UK, none of them focussed on industrial needs. Fractory changed that by offering a full service for sheet metal production – from laser and plasma cutting to metal bending and surface treatment.

This has made Fractory a go-to place for many engineering SMEs, for whom they replace a whole procurement department. A recent testament to the warm welcome was the award for the Best Use of Tech by the British Chamber of Commerce.

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