Fixmart and CADDY PYRAMID Work Together to Offer Rooftop Solution

Fixmart and CADDY PYRAMID Work Together to Offer Rooftop Solution

Fixmart is a leading supplier to the construction industry as well as the M&E and HVAC sectors. The company has been working with CADDY Pyramid in order to develop a new product that can offer more efficient movement across rooftops on site. This new product can be made bespoke to the site requirements and will deliver quicker and safer navigation around a range of rooftop obstacles.

As a part of their partnership with CADDY PYRAMID, Fixmart will also offer site visits that will be dedicated to offer potential customers a solution that suits their needs. Fixmart will offer these site visits to customers interested in the Step Over and Walkways systems developed by the manufacturing company.

CADDY PYRAMID delivers a range of rooftop supports that are surface mounted and can be used on a variety of roof surfaces. The rooftop solutions manufacturer has formed a five-year relationship with the industry supplies company Fixmart, who already uses a range of CADDY products as part of their portfolio. The Step Over and Walkways systems will be the most recent to join the Fixmart portfolio and will mean that service engineers will have safer and more comfortable access on rooftop spaces, avoiding obstacles such as pipes, ducts and cable trays.

As a part of the partnership that has been formed by Fixmart and CADDY Pyramid, the two companies will offer joint site visits which will allow engineers from CADDY to ensure that the best solution is offered for potential customer. By joining up, the companies will be able to offer a more comprehensive service to their customers, making sure that a high quality product is selected and installed to offer the best solution possible for the end customer.

The companies will be able to manufacture and deliver a bespoke and modular solution, delivering full assurances of load calculations and specification for a product that can be quickly supplied and installed.

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