Global Powertrain Market in Undergoing a Great Deal of Growth Recently

Global Powertrain Market in Undergoing a Great Deal of Growth Recently

It is thought that the global powertrain market in undergoing a great deal of growth recently. This growth can be attributed to new low emission technologies working to transform the industry. These technologies include engine downsizing and rightsizing as well as direct injection and turbocharging, transmission electrification and electric vehicle, hybrid and gasoline engines coming in to use.

Original equipment manufacturers are using the platform strategy in order to improve both the energy and the efficiency of the powertrain systems so that they comply with the fleet level CO2 requirements in a way that is efficient and cost effective. Powertrain systems that work on a larger scale and are energy efficient will be vital for meeting the targets set for CO2 and fuel economy. Having a technology sharing strategies that are sustainable will allow OEMs to get closer to the targets for fuel economy while also keeping their costs at an optimum level and making sure vehicles are still affordable for buyers.

Increasing the number of joint ventures undertaken between suppliers and OEMs will be important when working towards standard emissions results and testing procedures and will lead to a reduction of compliance costs.

Frost & Sullivan is a growth partnership company that collaborates with its clients in order to create innovation that addresses the global issues connected to growth that could make or break market participants. The company has worked for over 50 years developing growth strategies for emerging business, the public sector, the investment community and the global 1000. Through their Mobility; Automotive & Transportation Growth Partnership Service Program, the company has generated its Glo9bal Powertrain Outlook 2017. This Outlook delivers analysis of powertrain technologies and looks at industry dynamics, trends, and significant launches of vehicles, engines and transmissions that are expected to shape the industry thought the year and beyond.

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